GLEN PERKINS – 7/14/14
Minnesota Twins All Star pitcher

“But yeah, I had ups and downs. Failed starter, come back, get hurt – all those things. But it’s perseverance and hard work – and a lot of luck, to be honest with you – to be where I’m at today. I’m fortunate and very thankful for everything that I’ve had the opportunity to do. And this is at the top of the list, this week here.”

Sports tax CPA 

“It seems a little ludicrous that Bosh gets $118 (million) for five (years), and (James is) taking $42 (million) for two (years). Now, (he’s probably going to get the max contract in two years), but guys do get hurt. So I don’t think taxes was really a factor for him.”

MLB Hall of Famer and NESN analyst 

“I’m an American League guy. I wish they (had the) DH in both leagues, especially with the dominance of pitching lately. There’s no excitement. Shutouts galore. To me, there’s just no run-scoring. Obviously the days of the PEDs and all the power and the home runs is gone, but if you take the DH out of it, to me, you’ve got nothing. I know the old school traditionalists don’t play that – and it probably will never happen – but they need more offense in this game. And the only way they’re going to get it is with a DH.”




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