KYLE FLOOD – 7/21/14
Rutgers football head coach
(DA in for Chris Moore)

“I think that’s the only way you can prepare your program. You have to go out and you have to play good people. We’ve done that. I think our football team is excited to challenge themselves against some of the most storied programs really in the history of college football.”

BILL HANCOCK – 7/22/14
College Football Playoff Executive Director
(DA in for Chris Moore)

“We just heard the fans that said they wanted more football and they wanted a bracket – and they got that. Yet, from our perspective, we protected the regular season, and we protected the bowl system by keeping this in the bowls for all the athletes from top to bottom. It’s a win-win.”

WALTER JONES – 7/22/14
2014 NFL Hall of Fame inductee
(DA in for Chris Moore)

“It’s been great. (I’m) just enjoying the moment, just trying to get ready for that weekend and preparing my speech. Right now, it’s kind of like the dead time. Everything that you prepare for is done with. All you’re waiting for right now is to fly into Canton and get ready for that weekend and enjoy that moment.”

CHRIS KLUWE – 7/22/14
Former NFL punter
(DA in for Chris Moore)

“I think it’s just disappointing. Tony Dungy is a guy who’s always been a leader. He’s a guy a lot of people look up to. The fact that he is willing to advocate for someone like Michael Vick, for example, to get signed with a team – and Michael Vick came with a lot of distraction potential – and then he won’t turn around and do the same thing for Michael Sam, I think, really is not the way a leader is supposed to act.”

MIKE LONDON – 7/25/14
Virginia football head coach

“There’s a lot of pieces that are in place. It’s an older team, a more experienced team. The locker room’s different. A lot of the players that were productive for us last year are back. We feel all the pieces are together and in place for us to have a very productive year.”




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