Former NFL referee

“That’s what’s going on right now. It’s a learning process. I think we’ve talked about this a little bit. It’s a point of emphasis. The NFL competition committee has said, ‘You know what? We want these receivers to run free out there. No grabbing, no banging. Let them run free.’ And it made it a point of emphasis, and the officials are doing exactly what the league has told them to do.”
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Theozone.net Ohio State writer

“I don’t know that (the injury) changes much because I think Michigan State was probably the favorite anyway because they play Ohio State at home, and I’m big on home schedules. I think Michigan State remains the favorite. I think Ohio State would still be favored over everybody else they play except Michigan State because the schedule is pretty fair.”
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PETE PRISCO – 8/20/14
CBS NFL analyst

“They were both awful on Monday (against Washington), but I get why they’re (starting Hoyer). I wouldn’t do it. I just play the kid. If you draft the kid in the first round, you throw him in there and you let him play – and I mean that all across the league, by the way. I think all you do when you (sit a rookie in favor of a veteran) is you stunt the potential growth down the road. The Browns aren’t going to be that good this year (no matter) who plays quarterback, so you might as well get the kid in, let him learn, take his lumps and then in 2015 you’ll be ready to play and compete for a playoff spot.”
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MLB Network analyst

“It’s a human element. He gave them a swagger. They lost it. The swagger’s in Boston now. And I really am worried about the Oakland A’s making the playoffs. Because think about it: The Royals won’t stop winning. I think they’re going to win the Central. Then you got the Tigers sitting behind the A’s in that Wild Card spot with the Seattle Mariners, who are playing spirited baseball. I’m worried about the A’s. I think the Angels win the West.”
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MMQB.com NFL insider

“The biggest deep pockets there are, are NFL owners. If they put their signature on this, then it’s really going to have a chance. I’m not ascribing this new league to failure, but what we’ve seen before is if you compete with the NFL product, you have a hard time.”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 8/21/14
CBS Sports college football analyst

“I just know No. 5 is going to be mad. We all know that. And we’ll be talking about it too – because there’ll be so much scrutiny this year. But I’m looking forward to it. It’s kind of a new frontier. I’m sure everybody’s going to be wanting eight, clamoring for eight. But this is a good first step. Let’s play it through these bowls, have that final four and see what happens.”
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