ANDY BENOIT – 8/25/14 NFL insider

“They survived Bradford’s injury last season (by running the football). They stayed well above water with him out of the lineup, and so they’re going to be doing the same thing again. They’re equipped to handle it, but it’s not something they want to be handling.”
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PETE THAMEL – 8/25/14
Sports Illustrated college basketball writer

“Curtis Malone, for all his ills, was a charismatic, engaging and likable guy. I spent three hours with him in prison a couple weeks ago, and it was an enjoyable conversation. One of his great gifts is that he’s charming and (has an) ability to put people at ease. It’s sort of paradoxical, but I enjoyed visiting with him. We had good debate; we had good back and forth. He’s a very smart guy. He’s a very savvy guy. He obviously built two booming empires: a drug empire and an AAU empire.”
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SCOTT WOLF – 8/26/14
Los Angeles Daily News Trojans writer

“(He) came up with a cover story that was just too good to be true, and now the backlash has started. It’s made it worse. “
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MATT BROWN – 8/26/14
Sports on Earth national college football writer

“Both teams replaced a lot of talent. Wisconsin replaces its entire front seven. Its biggest assets in the receiving corps are gone. They just picked Tanner McEvoy to start at quarterback. Tanner McEvoy played safety in the bowl game last year. (There’s) lot of uncertainty for Wisconsin.”
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LARRY SCOTT – 8/27/14
Pac-12 commissioner

“You’ve got a real variety of styles, but there’s no denying you’ve got some of the most creative offensive minds in the country out here in the conference. It’s very exciting to see. There’s a lot of diversity in terms of style of play, but the conference is known for the talent and the offensive-mindedness. There’s no question about that.”
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CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“You look out West (and) certainly those are the high-profile guys with Mariota and Hundley and (Arizona State quarterback) Taylor Kelly and those guys. (But) Jameis Winston, I think he’s going to have ridiculous numbers again – because I think he’ll be better again, but also I’m not really sold on a lot of the defenses in the ACC this year. So I expect him to have another monster year.”
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Texas athletic director

“He’s really focused not just on football, where he’s had a lot of success, but his commitment to graduating his student-athletes and building successful young men who can go on from the University of Texas and have great outcomes in their lives, I think, was very great to hear – and he’s followed through on that commitment once he got there.”
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AARON NAGLER – 8/29/14
Co-founder of Cheesehead TV

“It’s the Watt show. As much as Clowney will flash – and he will undoubtedly make plays – J.J. Watt is one of the two or three best players in the league. And I don’t just mean defensive players. I mean one of the best players in the NFL. He’s a joy to watch. Anytime he’s on the field, he’s going to command attention both from the offense and from the audience. So that’s going to be a fun matchup.”
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Bleacher Report NFL writer

“The NFL – and its own addiction of getting these players back on the field against sound medical advice – (is) the real drug problem here. We can talk all day long about the poor choices being made by individual players, but until the league does something about its own enabling atmosphere, we’re not going to get any better from the NFL. And quite frankly, I don’t know how the NFL (can ask) better from its players.”
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