Denver Broncos safety

“We work good as a team. We’re good with each other on and off the field. That just builds the trust and the communication aspect. We’ll just get better. That was the first game of the season and we’ll just continue to get better each week.”
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Former NFL linebacker and host on The Other Pregame Show

“The NFL didn’t have any choice (to suspend him). The Ravens didn’t have any choice but to release him. I think they knew. Whether they saw the video or not, they had knowledge of what took place in that elevator.”
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GREGG DOYEL – 9/8/14
CBSSports.com national columnist

“We all kind of think – and we don’t know – but we all kind of think the Ravens and Goodell knew exactly what happened on that elevator. But it took the world getting furious and seeing it for them to finally act.”
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Denver Broncos wide receiver

“We came out on fire. Things were definitely clicking for us. In terms of (personal statistics), I came out with three straight catches, so what more can a receiver ask for? So I got in the groove of the game really fast. Next thing you know, it was 24-7 going into the half. We went into half feeling really really well.”
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Pittsburgh Steelers safety

“Our mentality, our game preparation and how we play and the things that we do – that’s what we can control. If you go out and score early and play good defense, the crowd becomes irrelevant. The good teams find ways to win games on the road. We’re looking to prove that we’re a good team.”
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BRADY QUINN – 9/10/14
NFL free agent QB

“And my argument to them would be, yeah, they deserve a second chance. If in this case their significant other wants to support them, defend them, still stay with them – that’s their choice. If they don’t want to press charges, then that’s their choice. But that doesn’t mean they should get a second chance in the NFL. If the NFL is serous about their stance on domestic violence, they’ll make it a lifetime ban.”
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Sports Illustrated writer

“ESPN blinked. The place that spent $1.9 billion, blinked. They’re the ones who have the billions. This is where the NFL is sort of king. I think all these networks are so fearful that one day they could potentially lose this product.”
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