Arizona football head coach

“It’s the last thing we do at our Thursday practice: We work on a Hail Mary play. We actually worked on a little bit extra this time because we put in two Hail Mary’s just in case. And who knows when you’re going to use it? In 20-some years, this is the first time we’ve ever completed it and had (it be) successful.”
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New York Giants tight end 

“You’re learning on the fly, but that’s our job. This is what we have to do. It’s been tough but it’s becoming second nature to us. I think everybody is (starting to grasp) it. Eli is feeling comfortable with it. Guys are starting to be in the positions they need to be in (to make plays).”
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MAURY BROWN – 9/23/14
Forbes writer

“It becomes difficult to be a fan. Your attention span for baseball is a daily affair. You have to be very committed to be a baseball fan now. I think that wears on the average (person).”
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East Carolina head coach

“I’m very humbled and happy that our kids are getting recognized. But we want to make sure at the end of our season we’re playing our best ball.”
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MATT LEINART – 9/24/14
Former Heisman Trophy winner and current Pac-12 analyst

“There’s been some times where I think (Hundley’s) decision-making has been questionable, but first and foremost, he needs to get healthy. I’m assuming we’ll see him (against Arizona State), but they have issues up front. Anytime you can’t protect the quarterback, it’s going to take a toll in the passing game and the running game.”
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JAMAL LEWIS – 9/24/14
Former NFL running back

“At the same time, I think it’s just a tough time right now. But just like every game, sometimes you can be down but you just got to keep on playing. And that’s it.”
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LISA LESLIE – 9/25/14
Former WNBA star, host of We Need to Talk

“Part of it is not that we just want to talk because we’re women, but hopefully (we’ll) be influencing men and (will have) men to give us feedback and have that conversation. It’s not that we just want it to be solely women and it’s just about us. But at the same time, we have not really been heard in a way where we can all (have a conversation) and come together and talk about all of these issues. So we’re real excited.”
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ERIC EDHOLM – 9/25/14
Yahoo! Sports football writer

“Thirty straight runs? Are you kidding me? They’ve gotten back to their roots a little bit. Last year was such a disaster. I think they’re the kind of team that’s going to scare A&M. They’re going to scare some LSU-type teams. They’re maybe a little bit better than people are giving them credit for.”
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ESPN columnist

“You’re better off getting a scholarship and a chance of a bachelor’s degree. The key thing is to concentrate on the classroom and actually earn that degree.”
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