FRED SMOOT – 10/6/14
Former NFL cornerback, current football analyst

“They got speed at the linebackers, defensive linemen (who can tackle and rush the passer), corners that can cover – and you’re talking about a high-powered offense, a niche offense. When you put TCU’s backs against the wall, I think they’re one of those teams that loves to upset teams – so I’m putting Baylor on upset watch.”
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Philadelphia Eagles safety

“Guys are really hungry, they’re really aggressive in terms of their style of play and just their mentality. We really have a lot to be excited about here. Obviously the Seahawks are a tremendous team, too. It’s going to be a battle in the NFC. We’re really looking forward to just hopefully stringing some games along here to be in the position that we want to be in at the end of the year.”
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BOB RYAN – 10/7/14
Boston Globe columnist

“I like to think that he would have been very proud with what I’ve done and where I’ve been and who I know and all that. I got the chance to actually learn some things about him in my research. So in a purely personal sense, the idea of being able to write about my father and perpetuate (his) memory – I’m really happy to get that story out there.”
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JON RYAN – 10/7/14
Seattle Seahawks punter

“We’re not going to catch anyone with their heads down. I think three years ago when we were kind of coming up in Russell’s first year, I think teams kind of underestimated us at times. We’re going to get everyone’s best every weekend now. We’re not going to get any easy wins. They’re going to throw everything they have at us. Every game’s a tough one to win.”
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We Need to Talk contributor

“We (discuss) . . . burning issues. We’re sitting around talking sports just like the two of you guys like to.”
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GLENN PARKER – 10/8/14
Pac-12 Network analyst

“People like to say there (was), but when you’re playing seven teams and five of them aren’t very good, that’s not a lot of competition. Now we’re seeing (teams like) Mississippi and Mississippi State come up who weren’t very good before. We’re seeing an Auburn team that could be horrible one year and turn around and win it all the next. What we’re seeing is across the board everybody has figured it out: The better your conference, the more likely you are to lose. That’s why we’re taking about teams possibly having a loss and still getting a chance to be in the playoffs.”
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