GEORGE SELVIE – 10/13/14
Dallas Cowboys defensive end

“Hopefully fans come out and show up and have our crowd rocking for the next three games.”
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ANDY HART – 10/13/14
New England Patriots analyst

“For (Ridley’s) faults with the fumbling, (he) is a guy that’s a former 1,200-yard back. He has a nose for the end zone. He’s been very productive punching it in when they need him to in the red zone. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team looks a little outside the organization to find a veteran that maybe can carry some of the load.”
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DENNIS DODD – 10/14/14
CBS Sports college football analyst

“With the stuff he’s done, I had one person with an NFL background tell me, ‘What general manager is going to take the chance and make that guy the face of the program as your go-to quarterback? I think he dropped out of the first round – and it takes a lot, as you know, in the NFL (to drop out of the first round) if you’re a top talent or a top quarterback. This has to be something really bad.”
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BUSTER SKRINE – 10/14/14
Cleveland Browns cornerback

“We can’t underestimate anybody. I mean, who are we to say we’re way better than the Jaguars or any other team that we play? So we’re going to take this team just like we’re playing the New England Patriots. We’re going to approach it the same way. The season is still early. We got a lot to prove.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 10/15/14
Former Heisman Trophy winner, current college football analyst

“Ohio State came into the season with a plethora of different running backs with different skill sets, but the guy that stood out to me was Ezekiel Elliott. They really had to get him going. I think they’ve been doing that and really putting an emphasis on getting him the ball early and often over the last three or four games to establish the running game. I think he has all the ability to be a great running back for Ohio State. He’s the key cog that makes this offense go.”
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DANNY WHITE – 10/16/14
Former Dallas Cowboys QB

“It might have been one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen. The ball’s not even thrown to him. It’s thrown to (Jason) Witten. And he goes up and gets it going full speed. It’s a game of inches. His toes just barely scraped the top of the grass as he’s going out of bounds. But to catch that ball cleanly and still have the presence of mind to get his feet down, it’s just an incredible catch.”
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REX HUDLER – 10/16/14
Kansas City Royals broadcaster

“From an offensive standpoint, I don’t believe he has reached his potential. His power potential, I think once he starts to recognize which pitches he can handle and hit out of the park and which ones he can’t – which usually happens for a player after three or four years – he can hit (20 home runs). He’s a future superstar, there’s no question about it – and he’s becoming one right before our eyes this postseason.”
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Former South Carolina QB, Saturday Down South college football analyst

“It’s absolutely crazy the NCAA will not allow a player to be compensated for their signature. It’s a damn signature. They’re not selling anything illegal or robbing anybody. They are literally writing their name on a jersey that they are wearing. For somebody to say you can’t profit from that or be compensated, I think that is completely absurd, and hopefully it changes immediately. But you never know.”
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