LOMAS BROWN – 10/20/14
Former NFL player, current NFL analyst

“Man, he has just really fallen on his face this year. When he falls on his face, the team falls right with him. So I hate to kind of pin it on one person, but it just shows the importance of having a quarterback and a good leader.”
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CHRIS DOERING – 10/20/14
Former Gator and NFL receiver

“Two years ago, Will’s the SEC Coach of the Year in the conference. It was much like what you’ve seen in the last couple seasons. It’s been defense (and) special teams, (but) the offense has just been pretty poor. Unfortunately, the last two seasons, the defense has been decent but there’s been very little luck on their side as you witnessed the other night. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that in a ballgame before.”
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Denver Broncos linebacker

“That’s the team that drafted me, and I was thinking that they wanted me to be a part of their team, but I guess I was wrong. Everything happens for a reason, but I’m just glad that I went through everything because it made me stronger in the end. But there were definitely times that I’ve questioned my ability as it relates to the NFL. But after I got over that hump, my confidence came right back, Denver gave me a shot and I’ve been doing pretty well.”
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DENNIS DRAZIN – 10/21/14
Monmouth Park spokesman

“New Jersey’s share of that revenue is probably $10 billion a year. We think the Monmouth Park share is about 10 percent of the entire state, so the handle at Monmouth Park is likely – conservatively – to be about a billion dollars a year. So this means a lifeline and preservation of world-class racing at Monmouth Park. It means jobs for the community. It means a $1-billion economic-impact industry is going to be saved. It means 13,000 people who are employed throughout the industry will always have a job, and it means that Open Space and Green Acres will be preserved and we will flourish. We’re excited to offer this.”
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RAY LUCAS – 10/22/14
Former NFL QB, SNY Jets analyst

“So in my book, I talk about the day I decided I was going to kill myself and drove to the George Washington Bridge and picked out a spot, actually. I had a moment of clarity. Even though I was taking all those pills, everything kind of got calm because now I had a plan and I was going to put my plan to work. But thank God upstairs that he was watching because he sent (people to rescue me). The book tells you about how I made it out, how I got three neck surgeries, a four-inch steel plate with eight screws, and two surgeries after that.”
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SARA GANIM – 10/22/14
CNN investigative reporter 

“But it wasn’t just the two of them acting alone. There was a whole group of advisors who knew that this existed and they actively used them to keep athletes eligible. It wasn’t just basketball and it wasn’t just football. It was all kinds of sports, especially the Olympic sports. If they knew a player was on the brink of eligibility, they would put them into a class and tell the assistant, Debbie Crowder, this is the grade an athlete needs to get to stay eligible to play. This was going on for 18 years.”
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