After 16 straight losses – including 10 to start the season – the Oakland Raiders finally won a game last Thursday, beating the Kansas City Chiefs, 24-20.

“(It) was definitely a good win for the team,” Raiders wide receiver Brice Butler said on The MoJo Show. “Thank God for that. Also, thank God for the opportunity that he gives us to go out there and play football every day. It was good to go out there and get that win for the Raiders.”

Oakland jumped out to a 14-0 lead thanks to Latavius Murray, who rushed four times for 112 yards and two touchdowns, including a 90-yard score with 12:28 to go in the first half. Murray, however, had to leave the game with a concussion.

“Latavius is one of my good friends,” Butler said. “It was good to finally see him be out there to make some plays. He did that. He did a great job. He did a good enough job to allow us to have that lead going into halftime, a lead that was big enough for us to hold toward the end.”

Oakland actually fell behind, 20-17, in the fourth quarter, but Derek Carr led the Raiders on a 17-play, 80-yard game winning drive that culminated with a 9-yard touchdown pass to James Jones inside of two minutes.

The defense took it from there, stopping the Chiefs on prime-time television and sending Oakland Coliseum into a frenzy. The players were pretty ecstatic, too.

“It has nothing to do with business and contracts (right after you win),” said Butler, who had two catches for 21 yards. “It has to do with playing football as a kid, going out in the backyard playing as a kid, playing with your friends and stuff like that. We hadn’t won since last year as an organization, so to win that game in the way we won it, it was a big win for us. If it was a college team, it was an upset and everybody would have rushed the field. That’s how it felt.

“The thing about it is, though, is it is one game and we have another game next weekend,” Butler continued. “With us playing on Thursday, we get to enjoy it for a couple days but we got to come back to work Monday because we got another one. It’s not like the season’s over.”

Indeed, Oakland plays the Rams in St. Louis on Nov. 30.

Despite opening the season with 10 straight losses, Justin Tuck said last week that the Raiders are actually an upbeat, positive bunch. That might be because they’ve had six games decided by a touchdown or less. In other words, Oakland, despite its record, has been in a lot of games this year.

“I would definitely agree,” Butler said. “I feel like this team that we have this year is a tight-knit bunch. Everybody from top to bottom – from the veterans to the rookies – everybody’s cool. Nobody’s too big for anybody. Everybody’s loose, everybody’s spreading wisdom, you can go talk to anybody on the team – I think that’s what’s kept us in a lot of games. I feel like this year feels a lot different than last year – even though we were 0-10. Guys still come in ready to work. Guys can still come in and give a guy a handshake and smile and say a joke and get ready for practice rather than everybody’s just sitting in the locker room and their special clique. Stuff like that. So yeah, I would agree with Tuck with him saying we’re a close knit group.”


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