Robert Griffin III will not play this Sunday in Indianapolis – not because he’s injured, but rather, because he’s been benched. Colt McCoy will start in his stead.

What in the world is going on in Washington?

“I wish I could tell you,” 106.7 The Fan host Chad Dukes said on The MoJo Show. “It was a very interesting show today. I don’t think I asked one question. The phones were in a state of nuclear meltdown when I got into the radio station. It stayed that way. I thought everybody would be driving to grandma’s house. No, everyone just wanted to call in and scream at me because the Redskins benched Robert Griffin III. It was an interesting one, I’ll tell you.”

Are Washington fans in agreement that Griffin, who has just two touchdowns in his last three games, should be benched?

“No, the fan base isn’t,” Dukes said. “The beat reporters aren’t, either. I’m getting a lot of different answers. First of all, I’ve heard everything from Griffin is worth a third-round pick to they’re going to have to cut him and take the cap hit on what his value is now. I’ve heard the theory that this is just for (Jay) Gruden to save his own ass. There’s a lot of different theories on what’s going on here.

“Just so you guys know, I think they should bench Griffin,” Dukes continued. “I’m glad they benched Griffin. DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, people want to talk about diva wide receivers. They want to talk about guys losing their mind. I think they’ve been troopers through this whole thing. These guys have bonuses (at stake). They’re not getting any catches. They’re not going to the Pro Bowl. They’re not getting anything done because this Griffin experiment continues to go on.”

“So I don’t know. Just getting a guy in there that can distribute the ball – the Redskins actually have some pretty good playmakers – I think that’s progress.”

Unfortunately, it seems Griffin’s days in D.C. could be numbered.

“The best you’re going to hear about Griffin is let him play it out; let’s see what he has,” Dukes said. “But I think what most of those comments mean is give him enough rope to hang his own career. I think that was what the plan was going to be.”

McCoy, if you’re curious, has completed 85.7 percent of his passes (36-of-42) this season for 427 yards, one touchdown and one interception. It’s conceivable that he could be Washington’s starter for the rest of the season – and also in 2015.

“What’s our option next year?” Dukes asked. “They’re not drafting a quarterback. It’s not a strong enough class. You don’t want to throw a bunch of money at (Brian) Hoyer, so what do you got? Best-case scenario, McCoy goes in. He’s moved the ball in this offense. If he doesn’t throw interceptions and he can hit DeSean Jackson on a bubble screen and put the ball in the gut of Alfred Morris, I think the Redskins can move the football. And if you can move the football in this league, maybe he can be competitive. Maybe he can hold you over a couple years until you find your guy. It’s so far up in the air right now.

“But I don’t agree with my co-workers that think (benching Griffin) is a complete blunder and the Redskins are sending themselves back five years by doing it.”


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