For the last five years, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison has had long hair. It would take a long time to wash, it would take a long time to dry, and eventually it just became too much of a hassle.

So, Robison cut his hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

Chris Moore asked Robison if he woke up feeling lightheaded Wednesday.

“You know, I do feel a little lightheaded,” Robison said on The MoJo Show, laughing. “This morning was the first time that I haven’t woke up and tried to put my hair in a ponytail, so it’s starting to grow on me a little bit.”

Given all the turmoil surrounding the Vikings (5-7) this season, it’s good that Robison has kept his sense of humor.

“Honestly, with us having such a young team, all the distractions that we have had, you would think that it would be really hard,” he said. “But it really hasn’t (been). We’ve done a great job of staying focused week in and week out on the task at hand, which is our opponents. I think it’s been good for our team. Our record’s not sitting where we wanted it to be at this point in the season. I think we’ve had a couple games that we definitely could have been on the flip-side of things and put some of those in the win columns, which would (have allowed) us to be sitting at a better place at the end of the season (and) hopefully making the playoffs. But that’s all if’s and but’s. But I think we’ve just done a really good job this year of handling the distractions and making sure that it doesn’t affect the way we play on the field.”

The Vikings lost to Buffalo by one, to Green Bay by three and to Chicago by eight. But their most disappointing loss may have come in Week 3 at New Orleans. Minnesota lost 20-9, settling for three short field goals. The Vikings also allowed just seven points after the first quarter.

“You have to be consistent,” Robison said. “You have to be assignment sound. If we were able to do that on those two drives, we might (have been) able to win. But we simply weren’t consistent enough at the time. That’s where I’ve seen that our defense is really growing up and being more assignment sound the last few weeks. We’re not having those mistakes.”

Robison, who has played with Adrian Peterson since 2007, said it’s been hard not having him this season.

“It has been difficult,” Robison said. “And I think ultimately we all want AP to really be able to resolve this issue, learn from it and be able to move forward. We all love AP as a player; we all love him as a person. Hopefully this is one of those deals that he can move forward on and hopefully learn from it and it makes him a better person moving forward. We hope to have him back soon.”


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