There’s a growing consensus that we’re going to have a Packers/Patriots Super Bowl, but any NFL vet or former player will tell you that it’s usually not that simple. No, a lot of teams are going to have something to say about this thing before it’s all said and done.

But what can we make of the 2014 NFL season thus far?

“It’s been pretty good – other than the blowouts,” former NFL wide receiver Amani Toomer said on The MoJo Show. “The fact that the league has tried to make it more of a scoring (league), more palatable for TV, I think it’s taken a little bit of the luster away from it – because there’s so many blowout games. I mean, the Rams, they beat the Raiders a couple weeks ago 50-something to nothing. It’s not good for the league. Usually, when you watch an NFL game, it’s pretty close. It comes down to a fourth-quarter drive or it comes down to a two-minute situation. But in recent years – and this year – it hans’t been that way. And I think it’s because of the defenseless receivers, the illegal contact. They’re just making it too easy for offenses to keep drives alive – and that’s why you’re seeing more points get put on the board.”

Wow, a wide receiver saying that offenses are getting too many favors? Really?

“Well, you know why,” Tommer said, laughing. “Because all the records that I had with the Giants are about to get broken, so there’s a little selfishness in there!”

Toomer, 40, played for the Giants from 1996 to 2008, hauling in 668 catches for 9,497 yards and 54 touchdowns. He also helped the G-Men win Super Bowl XLII, beating the previously unbeaten Patriots.

Toomer is a big fan of several young NFL receivers – including Antonio Brown and Mike Evans – but he’s also excited for rookie Odell Beckham Jr., who leads the Giants in receptions (59), yards (829) and touchdowns (six).

“I’m excited to see what he’s going to become,” Toomer said. “There’s a lot of work he has to do on route technique, but that’ll all come. I just want to see what his mentality is like. You look at him and you listen to him in press conferences; he says all the right things. He always seems to be very polished. But sooner or later in this NFL, the luster gets knocked off. Look at RG3. Your career personality will eventually come out. I think he’s a really well-put-together kid. But there’s a point in time when it’s just you and you’re going to have to show your real personality because you can’t fake it for more than a year.”

While Beckham figures to be a fixture of the Giants’ organization for years to come, the same cannot necessarily be said for Tom Coughlin. He’s a Hall of Fame coach, but he turns 69 next August, and the Giants haven’t been very good for the last few seasons.

How does New York show him respect while also looking toward a new future with a new head coach?

Toomer, however, believes those questions are a tad premature.

“I don’t think they’re that far away (from contending),” he said. “I mean, you have 22 people on the injured reserve list. It’s pretty hard to field a team. There’s 53 on a roster. Usually, the people that are playing right now are (players who would normally be) in the league. They don’t have a roster of 70-some odd players. Those guys are in the bar talking about how the coach messed them over, and now they’re out there playing. That’s why you see this inconsistent play.”


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