It’s been almost a week, but Bart Scott still hasn’t gotten over the reversed pass interference call that helped the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Detroit Lions, 24-20, last Sunday.

“Listen, what I’ve never seen before in all my years of football is a referee throw a flag and then a ref comes and overturns him – after the call has been announced,” the CBS NFL Today analyst said on Gio and Jones. “I know Jerry Jones had a couple people on that bus, but I didn’t know it was like that. I mean, really? Not only did they pick it up, but now we’re talking about a staff or crew that’s supposed to be an All-Star crew. So you mean to tell me you’re going to overrule an All-Star? There must have been something on the line.”

Scott was asked if there was ever a time when he felt referees were intentionally unfair to his team.

“No, no, not unfair,” Scott said. “The one time that I felt like it was blatant was when the Patriots was undefeated, and I showed my frustration by throwing the referee’s flag in the stands. I told him to have some integrity, and he told me to have some class. So he threw a flag on me, and I said I didn’t care about it. So I threw it in the stands. I don’t know where this ref got another flag from, but he had a backup. He had an emergency flag, and I said I didn’t care about that one.”

The Patriots beat the Ravens, 27-24, in Baltimore on Monday Night Football in December 2007. The Patriots improved to 12-0, while the Ravens fell to 4-8.

“This is what happened,” Scott began. “For me, it wasn’t about them caring if the Patriots won a Super Bowl. For me, I understood the business of football. And people that remember that game, we kept Brady under 20 points. (The referees) made four calls on fourth down on one drive that gave them extended drives. We stopped them. They said it was offsides by them. Yeah, offsides, but it gives them the ball back after we stopped them. Then they said (then-defensive coordinator) Rex (Ryan) called a timeout; coordinators can’t call timeout. Then (Terrell) Suggs got pushed and he hit (Tom) Brady with the back of his hand falling backwards on the side of the helmet. They called a personal fall. And then the last one, they threw to Ben Watson. First of all, he ain’t going to catch the ball anyway. Secondly, it was fourth down into triple coverage and the ball was uncatchable and they kept it going. And the reason I felt like they were doing that – and I feel like it was more of an NFL thing – (wasn’t) because they wanted the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, but they wanted them to go to the last game undefeated so they could sell the rights.”

Which, apparently they did.

“The NFL made about a $100 million off of that,” Scott said. “So tell me that you wouldn’t (try to influence the outcome) for $100 million. So I took the flag (and threw it in the stands).”

Does that meant that what we saw in Dallas was business as usual for the NFL? Did something shady go down in the name of ratings and storylines?

“Listen, man, I know I’m from Detroit, (and) people are going to say (that’s why it bothers me),” Scott said. “But listen, I’ve never seen (anything like) it. And when you see something that you’ve never seen before – even with Mike Pereria on the air saying (otherwise) – come on, man. I was born at night, but not last night.”


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