As you may have heard, the New England Patriots have come under heavy fire this week for allegedly deflating footballs for the AFC Championship – a game they won, 45-7, over the Indianapolis Colts.

A lot of people are fanning these flames, but not everyone. In fact, some people are throwing water on them.

“I thought Belichick was phenomenal early (during his press conference Thursday),” former New England quarterback and current Patriots analyst Scott Zolak said on Gio and Jones. “When it’s hitting the fan, Belichick always goes, ‘On to the next opponent. We’re on to the next opponent.’ He did this with the (Aaron) Hernandez trial back two summers ago, where he just came out (and) flat out told you exactly how he felt. I thought he was poignant. I thought he was crisp (and) delivered it.

“And man, I played for (Bill) Parcells, and he did the same thing. We’d be out there bitching about how one football feels or the other, and he’d come out (and pour) water bottles on it. They made it so bad for us during practice, you couldn’t wait to get to the damn games and play with the balls that were in the games.

“Brady, he’s not going to tell you anything about PSI. He picked 12 balls that he felt were great and supposedly that’s how they felt. I’m glad they got the damn right ball in there in the second half because he started that half 8-for-8, so thanks for the Colts for that one.”

It seems people care more about this scandal – if you can call it that – because it’s Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who, by the way, have been to nine AFC Championship Games and five Super Bowls in the last 14 years. They’ve been the most consistent NFL franchise over that time period, and some people, well, they just don’t like that.

Put another way, haters gonna hate.

“It’s funny,” Zolak said. “We just love seeing people sit and twist.”

Zolak, who played for the Patriots from 1991 to 1998, does not believe that Belichick, Brady or any member of the Patriots organization intentionally deflated footballs for the AFC Championship.

“I played for Parcells, played for Pete Carroll, played for Jimmy Johnson and I had (Belichick) as a defensive coordinator,” Zolak said. “Never once did I even see any one of those head coaches ever touch a football or go into one of those meetings prior to a game saying, ‘Make sure these balls are regulation.’ It’s crazy.”

Zolak said a head coach might know his quarterback prefers that footballs feel a certain way, but that’s about it.

“Bill’s a simple guy,” Zolak said. “You can tell he’s pissed about this. What gets lost in this is two great playoff wins, and it’s a hell of a matchup we’re going to have next week. Big chess match. I love Pete. I had Pete for fur years. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be a great chess match between two defensive-minded coaches.”


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