Justin Tuck knows a thing or two about beating the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl – mainly because he’s done it twice.

Yes, Tuck was a major factor in helping the New York Giants beat the Patriots, 17-14, in Super Bowl XLII and then again, 21-17, in Super Bowl XLVI. The key in both of those games was getting pressure on Tom Brady with the front four.

Is that the most important thing the Seattle Seahawks must do this Sunday?

“Obviously, I’m biased, but yeah, I think it is,” Tuck, now with the Oakland Raiders, said on Gio and Jones. “When you’re playing a guy like Brady that’s seen it all, done it all, you can’t trick him. The way I think he makes big plays is he baits you into blitzing him because everybody thinks he’s a sitting duck and he’s not going to outrun anybody. But he gets the ball out of his hands so fast. Him and Peyton (Manning) are guys that are going to check the line of scrimmage and get themselves in the right play depending on what you do. For (teams) that can’t rush them with four guys, that’s when they make big plays and you have to bring that safety down or rotate a safety into the middle of the field. That’s when they make big plays. So I think the reason why we had success against them is the fact that we could rush him with four guys and get to him and save those extra guys for the back end to cover those routes.”

Tuck was also asked about the drama surrounding Marshawn Lynch’s media day appearance. The Seattle running back showed up to the event – he would have been fined if he hadn’t – but he didn’t truly participate, giving the same one-line response to every question.

Isn’t Lynch out of line here?

“You know, I don’t have a problem with it, to be honest with you” Tuck said. “Because if you look at it, the media is there to help us as players get our voice out and promote the things that we want to promote and things of that nature. It’s not like the NFL needs any more promotion. The NFL is global. It doesn’t need promotion. So at the end of the day, if a player doesn’t talk to the media, then the player is actually hurting himself. We use the media to get our voice out there. If we as players don’t want to get our voice out there, then I don’t think we as players should be subject to a fine because we don’t want to talk to the media. It’s hurting the player in that regard.

“So I don’t agree with the rule,” Tuck continued. “And obviously I love the media and I love talking to you guys because I understand how important that is to me as a player. But as a player, I also understand guys don’t necessarily want to talk to media. He’s a guy that doesn’t. You shouldn’t hold that against him. It’s not like he’s out doing anything illegal, so I don’t get it. And honestly, the fact that he’s not talking to the media and doing these one-liners has gotten him more publicity – more media exposure – than the guys that actually answer questions. So it actually is working out for him, to be honest with you.”


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