ADAM RICHMAN – 1/26/15
Host of Man v. Food

“Truthfully, I did 59 challenges, and I had done these challenges and they were all – at some point – kind of repetitive. Even as you try to make a TV show out of it, (you run out of angles). ‘It’s big, it’s quantity, it’s spicy, it’s a time challenge, there’s some sort of whacky, physical element’ – I think that you don’t want to wear out your welcome.”
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Golden State Warriors guard

“It’s obviously about my team winning games and solidifying ourselves as the best team in the league, and if we’re going to do that, I have to do my job along the way. I’m not really worried about what stats it’s going to take if you look at each game. But if I win my matchup every single night and compete at a high level, at the end of the year you want to be in that conversation and kind of let it take care of itself. That’d be a dream come true. That’s something I’ve been working so hard for – to become the best point guard in the league. We’ll see what happens.”
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LE’VEON BELL – 1/29/15
Pittsburgh Steelers running back

“We’re still close friends to this day. In the offseason, we’re going to train together. I love him, and he loves me. We’re still real tight friends.”
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JUSTIN TUCK – 1/30/15
Oakland Raiders defensive end

“And obviously I love the media and I love talking to you guys because I understand how important that is to me as a player. But as a player, I also understand guys don’t necessarily want to talk to media. He’s a guy that doesn’t. You shouldn’t hold that against him. It’s not like he’s out doing anything illegal, so I don’t get it. And honestly, the fact that he’s not talking to the media and doing these one-liners has gotten him more publicity – more media exposure – than the guys that actually answer questions. So it actually is working out for him, to be honest with you.”
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