Nothing ruins a Red Carpet faster than ugly, gaudy, overpriced dresses worn by celebrities who need better taste (and a new stylist).

Of course, as we saw Sunday at the Oscars, rain packs quite a punch, too.

“Let me tell you this,” Entertainment Tonight co-host Kevin Frazier said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “A little bit of rain in L.A. is like a foot of snow in the East Coast, so people freak out. And this was a mellow, mellow Oscars because it was so many little independent films. There weren’t the big, studio movies, so you didn’t have the big, huge studio party and blowout and craziness.”

Instead, a lot of Oscar winners accepted their awards, said thank you and went home. It wasn’t really a party-until-6-a.m. kind of night.

“You know what it’s like?” Frazier asked. “It’s like when the Spurs win a championship. People aren’t going crazy. You don’t have to worry. They’re not going to tear down the River Walk.”

Neil Patrick Harris, meanwhile, made his Oscar-hosting debut. To many, Harris was solid – not spectacular, but solid – in his opening monologue, but kind of regressed as the evening went along. Some jokes resonated; others did not.

“I thought he did okay,” Frazier said, only half-convinced. “I thought he was a lot like the Cavs right now – still trying to figure it out. I felt like it’s Kevin Love trying to fit in with LeBron right now. You know he’s a good player. You know he’s good at what he does. (But) he’s (still) trying to figure it out.”

“I thought it started off really fast and then it just hit lulls,” Frazier continued. “Do you know what was interesting? I think that when there were touching moments, he didn’t understand the touching moments. And when there were funny moments, be funny. When there are touching moments, just back off a little.”

Frazier was also a little underwhelmed that Birdman won Best Picture.

“I thought it was an okay movie,” he said. “I was confused by a lot of it. I don’t know if it was the best movie of the year, but it won and it became an Academy darling. So often movies start rolling and everybody starts loving them and then they become Academy darlings – and I think that’s what happened. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t think it was the best picture of the year. For me, it was different. But listen, that movie – they did something special that captured the Academy’s attention.”

Do you want to know what else got the Academy’s attention? Margot Robbie. Frazier thought the 24-year-old Australian actress was arguably the best-dressed – and best-looking – person at the awards.

So did many other people.

“They were losing their head over Margot Robbie,” Frazier said of the fashion critics. “She’s a beautiful woman. That thing was unbelievable. She was unbelievable. She was. Now I understand why Will Smith wanted to do that movie with her. I got it, Will.”

And, speaking of attractive ladies, Gio and Jones had to ask Frazier one last question: Was it his idea – or his producers’ idea – for him to take a selfie with Katy Perry at her Super Bowl press conference?

Some, like comedian Kevin Kart, gave Frazier some light-hearted grief for the selfie, saying it was creepy and that Perry wasnt even looking at the camera.

“You’re going to get the worldwide exclusive, okay?” Frazier said. “You know Katy is the queen of social media. The queen. And so, literally we got there, we were early, we were talking (and) we were just chit-chatting with her folks. (We decided) we should do something (with) social media. We were literally joking around and it’s like, ‘It would be cool to take a selfie.’ And they were like, ‘That would be phenomenal. Would you take a selfie with Katy Perry?’”

Will I take a selfie with Katy Perry? Is that a serious question?

Said Frazier, “‘I sure will.’”


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