CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“I think you got to have at least two guys (down low). If you got the inside-outside, you always got a chance. So Nic Moore, he can break you down, and they got a big, Markus Kennedy, that they can throw the ball into – and the boy can get busy down on that block. So I really like SMU for some people that don’t know about them.”
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NBA Hall of Famer

“I don’t see myself working past 60. Come on, man. Anybody that works past 60 is an idiot. If you ain’t made enough money by the time you’re 60, there’s something wrong with you. Once you get past 50, basically you’re going to a point where you need prunes, Viagra and glasses. There’s a small little window (before that). So, I got to retire so I can travel – because you know nothing going to happen after that. So I’m going to work a couple more years, and I’m getting the hell out of here.”
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NBA Hall of Famer

“I like Steph Curry just because you have to factor in team success. So I’m going with Steph Curry, James Harden, then Russell Westbrook – in that order. Then LeBron.”
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CHRIS WEBBER – 3/13/15
College basketball legend and NBA All Star

“You look at it now, the sample size is terrible. When I came out of college, I think I was the first sophomore since ’79. I didn’t even want to go because I was scared of what the next level was like. I think right now it’s, can you police yourself and discipline yourself? Can you wait an extra year to gain some muscle? “The toughest thing coming into the league is strength. I remember Terry Cummings grabbed me and I’m like, ‘Whoa, this is something different.’ Terry Cummings was a beast. I came down the lane, he grabbed me out of the air, placed me down and said, ‘If you do that again, you’ll regret it.’ I said okay. So 20 years later, I never did that again to Terry Cummings.”
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GRANT HILL – 3/13/15
Former NBA All Star

“I know last year I did studio work and I was part of the studio team that was at the Final Four, so it conjured up a lot of memories. You walk in there, you see teams run out there, you’re at the practice the day before, the media session – you start remembering things that you hadn’t really thought of in a long time. It’s like a certain song or a certain smell. It brings back memories. Well, being there – and being there on the floor, center court, best seat in the house – yeah, I’m sure it’ll bring back feelings and emotions that I haven’t experienced since I was there over 20 years ago. So hopefully it won’t be too distracting and I’ll be able to focus and concentrate and do my job.”
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