The Cleveland Browns have had a busy offseason and should look fairly different this fall, especially on offense. The team signed quarterback Josh McCown and wide receivers Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline, among others, to line up alongside Andrew Hawkins and Travis Benjamin.

“There’s some depth here with this team and with this receiving corps,” McCown said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “You might not necessarily right now look at it and say there’s a top-five receiver, so to speak. But I think as a group, collectively (these) guys will come to work. They’ll work hard, they’ll get their job done, they’ll be where they’re supposed to be. And for me and my situation and the way that I play, it’s beneficial for me to play with guys like that, to play with guys that you can trust that’ll be where they’re supposed to be. I believe we have that in this group and that’s what excites me about them.”

McCown, 35, could be Cleveland’s starting quarterback next season, as Johnny Manziel is currently in rehab. The Browns haven’t specifically asked McCown to mentor Manziel when he returns, but they knew they didn’t have to. McCown is just that kind of guy.

“They understand my heart and where I’m at as a person,” McCown said. “Man, as soon as I signed that paper and I’m on your team, I am for you 100 percent. I want to do anything I can to help you not only have a productive career and help our team win football games, but also have a productive life. And so, I’m all in, especially with a guy sitting in the quarterback room with you. That’s my goal – just to help Johnny continue to grow as a player and a person. And there’s a lot of people there with the Browns that’ll do that. We’ll jump right in.”

McCown said he is ready and willing to share his football knowledge with Manziel, as well as set an example for how to prepare and do things the right way.

But he still wants to be the starter.

“My No. 1 goal, first and foremost above anything, is to play productive football and complementary football for the Cleveland Browns and do exactly what I’m asked to do,” McCown said. “The trickle down from that should be hopefully that anybody around us in that room is growing and getting better as a player, too. If I’m starting, that means we’re playing good football and we’re winning football games. And if I’m not starting, then that means the guy who’s not starting is benefitting from that, too. That’s my focus going in, and to make that room strong and solid and better than it’s been and more consistent.

“When you have a first-round pick in Johnny, you want to make sure that you see that player continue to grow and take (the) next steps,” McCown continued. “Right now the focus for him is just to get healthy. I believe the team is taking a perfect stance with that, just allowing him to do that – because that’s above and beyond what it’s got to be about right now. Then we’ll move into football. I’m looking forward to all the relationships that are going to come with joining a new team, and Johnny is certainly one of them.”


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