South Florida head coach 

“Let me not state the obvious, but you need players. Your players got to know that you care about them – because you’re going to push them. (They have to know) that you’re there for them. (You have to establish) a relationship to the point where they grow and learn that you care about them and you get to a point where you actually love them and they become part of your family.”
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JIM JACKSON – 4/1/15
Big Ten Network analyst

“It’s just as hard having too much talent trying to figure it out as it is having no talent. He’s done an outstanding job of getting those guys to buy in to playing the right way, so you got to give him kudos for that.”
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Texas A&M head coach

“Well, he’s absolutely wrong. I think that’s totally off-base. There is some ugly basketball and it’s because teams are really good defensively. It’s because teams know everybody. Our guys play against each other at this level in the AAU circuit from eighth grade on, and they’re not afraid of them. There’s so many factors that play into that. I totally disagree with that.”
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Manhattan head coach

“I think every game Michigan State’s gone into, I don’t know if you pick them to win – but they found a way. Being able to advance in this tournament – when you figure things out – is something that really goes a long way. And right now, they believe. That’s a dangerous team, that Michigan State team. But I like Duke.”
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Former Indiana player

“The biggest challenge in anybody being successful is being able to stay focused and keep everyone on a singular mission. Being able to do that today is a little bit more difficult because you have social media. What Coach Cal has talked about fairly consistently is the clutter, which is basically those things that are unimportant to the success of the team. Pulling for your team, working hard, keeping focus on what you’re trying to do – trying to be able to do that today is difficult with young people (when) the goal on the other side (is) to make a living, a great living, in the NBA. That creates additional agendas. So keeping that out of the forefront of the minds of young people can be very, very difficult. That’s the challenge for these guys and Coach Calipari.”
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