Former MLB catcher and manager

“But I certainly feel for Josh Hamilton. He’s a good kid that has had to deal with these demons that I don’t think anyone can relate to unless they have had somebody that’s gone through it because it’s a daily battle. He has to battle those demons every day.”
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CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“You got outside versus inside, senior versus freshman. I think the wild card – and I’ve really liked him throughout the whole tournament – is Sam Dekker for Wisconsin. It’s going to be a tough matchup, but can (Winslow) take him outside? Can he use his quickness up and down the floor? Each have their strengths in that matchup, and I think it’s going to be who wins those match-ups that’s going to win this game.”
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Big Ten Network analyst

“Well, that’s not my call. I think in terms of what he’s accomplished in terms of wins, sure. That’s where I’ll kind of leave that, just on a personal basis.”
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10-time PGA Tour winner

“There’s no way (it should be allowed). That should have been gone way before now.”
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FRANK NOBILO – 4/10/15
Golf Channel analyst

“I just thought there were so many things that were unanswered. But the amount of scrutiny on his short game just sucked all the oxygen, I think, out of his game, and I would have thought the easiest thing for him to do would be (to) not play. Leading up to it, I did not think he was going to play – because this was the hardest place to get the ball up and around the greens. I know he hit some squirrelly shots, but to go right into the cauldron and be creative and for the short game not to let him down, I thought it was a great step forward.”
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