After much anticipation, Gregg unveils the “Gio and Jones Show” painting. Does it accurately capture the likenesses of our hosts Gregg and Brian?  The guys debate whether the painting is a realistic depiction.
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JOHN FIELDS – 4/13/15
Jordan Spieth’s coach at Texas

“I’m thinking he’s (going to be) as good as (we think he’ll be) – and that’s pretty spectacular stuff. I think one day Jordan will be that guy, and it may not be too far away.”
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NFL Network analyst

“Believe me, Atlanta fans have asked me (about my mock draft) and questioned my sanity in a big way since they saw that one because they really want an edge pass rusher. But Todd Gurley, to me, is the best running back in this draft. If he did not have a knee injury, we’re talking about a lock top-10 guy – even though it’s a running back – and you just turn him loose. The kid’s an absolute beast. I think he’s one of the best football players in the draft. I don’t care (what position) he is.”
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Former NFL linebacker

“That’s why I can’t say anything bad about Josh Hamilton or Josh Gordon or those guys because they may knock on my door and I have to be a neutral arbiter and somebody who will sit down and talk to them and tell them the truth. Just sort of tell them, ‘This is where you’re headed. Do you really want to go there?’”
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NBC Sports NHL analyst

“They work hard, they’re fast, they’re energetic. But to come into the playoffs sputtering the way they have – and their goaltender (Jaroslav Halak) . . . has been very, very inconsistent and shaky – I’m a little worried about this team. The Washington Capitals . . . have had a very solid season. (Braden) Holtby, I think, has a chance to get on the ballot for the Vezina Trophy, that being the best goaltender in the game. But I think a lot is going to depend on if Halak can get away from letting in one or two of these bad, bad, bad, bad goals that he’s been doing in the last few weeks leading into the playoffs. It’s going to be a very, very tight one. I think this will go seven.”
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CHRIS MANNIX – 4/17/15
Sports Illustrated senior writer

“And I do think that with Chicago sitting at that No. 3 seed, that sets up an absolutely brutal second-round matchup with the Cavaliers. Those two teams are going to beat each other up. Cleveland may win that series, but they’re going to be a little worse for wear thanks to what Chicago does to them in that second round and I think that will soften them up a little bit and just enough for Atlanta, which obviously has home court. I think they’ll win that one.”
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A newly released 911 call shows how an Alaska Airlines baggage handler trapped in the cargo hold of a passenger jet begged a dispatcher to stop the plane.  Gio and update dude Andrew Bogusch get their hands on the audio!
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