RAY MANCINI – 5/4/15
Former lightweight champion

“Great fighter. I’m never going to take anything from his skill and what he’s accomplished. He’s a great fighter. But I would’ve liked to see how he (would have) competed against Ray, Tommy, Benitez and Duran back then. Would he have been competitive? Yes. Would he have beaten all of them? No. Would he have beaten some of them? Maybe. But he wouldn’t have been undefeated. That’s for sure.”
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CHRIS SIMMS – 5/5/15
CBS NFL analyst

“But you got to have talent around them, and you got to play them. It’s the hardest position in sports, and it’s the hardest position in sports to really practice. Because until you’re out there in that environment with 70,000 fans and all the 6-5, 290 people are actually trying to rip your head off, you’re not going to really get a true grasp of what’s going on.”
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Our sweet little producer, Mike Bisceglia, thought it’d be a good idea to hold a Twitter Q&A last night…as if anyone cared what he thought about anything.  When only one question came in, Mike said it was all a joke. We disagree…
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BRIAN SHAW – 5/7/15
Former Nuggets head coach

“It’s just a different time. It’s a different day and age. These players – it’s not on the players. I understand when things don’t work out, it’s on the coach. But I don’t know strategically if I would do anything different. I just have to do a better job of understanding where the players are coming from today – because it’s different than it was when I played and even up to the point when I stated coaching. This is really the first time that I wasn’t successful at connecting with a group of guys. I’ll just have to do a better job of doing that.”
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Greatest Moments In Brian Jones Broadcasting History

Long before Brian starting hanging out with us, he was one of the most accomplished analysts in sports broadcasting history, lucky enough to find himself at some of the biggest events in history.  And we finally got the audio out of the archives…
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SCOTT ZOLAK – 5/8/15
Former Patriots QB and current analyst

“Here’s the thing the report did: I think it made it more problematic for Roger Goodell because now he needs to make a decision because you could go either way on this. The way the tone of the report is written, it looks like it’s more anti-Patriot as far as trying to get them on something and attack them. This report isn’t a balanced report where it’s 50/50 down the middle. Tom’s pretty damn lawyer-ed up. I don’t know if you want to suspend this guy for when banner night happens that Thursday night where we open up against Pittsburgh here. I think that’s a nightmare scenario for this league.”
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