Former New England quarterback and current Patriots radio color analyst Scott Zolak dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Friday to discuss the Wells Report, and he came out firing.

“You guys are all trying to take us down up here,” Zolak said on Gio and Jones. “How about everybody else just gets a little bit better?”

Zolak wasn’t serious in his tone, but he was serious in his message.

“I’m a career back-up, okay?” he said. “I did it for 10 years, man. I used to get (Drew)Bledsoe’s ball ready – his footballs ready. I would spend hours upon hours . . . in that laundry room. We’d put them in dryers, we’d rub them down, we’d put them in buckets of sand, we’d throw them against cement walls – but Drew liked his on the heavy end. He’s like (Aaron) Rodgers where he’s got really big hands and you wanted his a little more inflated so they were nice and hard, so it could cut the wind a little better. I got thick hands. We’re both 6-5. Tom’s a big guy too, but his hands aren’t huge, so he likes to have less denseness to it. I’ve never stuck a gauge in them on Saturdays trying to get them to a certain level. You just went and played with the balls the way that quarterbacks on that day liked them – and it varies sometimes week to week because of conditions.”

Needless to say, Zolak wasn’t too impressed with the Wells Report.

“Way too vague,” he said. “This report was supposed to be done. I’ll tell you what. If I worked on a report for four months and spent all this time (and money), I sure as hell want a yes or no when it came to the end of it. It’s too vague. Way too vague. There are some things in there that make them not look good – the text messages. I’ll tell you what: I went and deleted every damn string of text messages I had in my phone.

“Because here’s one thing,” Zolak continued. “Text messages and emails, if you read them – and you guys do a radio show and I do one – sometimes when you get a sound byte and it’s written from a player, (it’s) like, ‘Wow, that’s a damning sound byte from that player’ – because we can read it and put our tone into that sound. Now, when you go back and hear the actual sound byte, it really didn’t sound that bad from a player’s perspective. There’s no tone to that.”

Either way, Zolak doesn’t believe the NFL will suspend Brady.

“I don’t think they can,” he said. “Here’s the thing the report did: I think it made it more problematic for Roger Goodell because now he needs to make a decision because you could go either way on this. The way the tone of the report is written, it looks like it’s more anti-Patriot as far as trying to get them on something and attack them. This report isn’t a balanced report where it’s 50/50 down the middle. Tom’s pretty damn lawyer-ed up. I don’t know if you want to suspend this guy for when banner night happens that Thursday night where we open up against Pittsburgh here. I think that’s a nightmare scenario for this league.”


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