You’ve seen her in Victoria’a Secret, you’ve seen her in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and you’ve seen her seductively biting burgers for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.

She’s supermodel Sara Sampaio, and she’s back on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones.

“It’s been some crazy few months, that’s for sure,” Sampaio said. “But it’s been very exciting. (Shooting the commercial) was very interesting. The funniest part is that on the set, they have these two people making sure the burgers look amazing and they (have) pencils. I’m like ‘God, you guys look like artists. Burger artists.’ It looks really, really cool.”

Sampaio was asked if she actually eats the burger after filming the commercial, which took 13 hours to shoot.

“That was a pretty big burger,” she said, “and I have to bite it so many times.”

Sampaio estimated that she bit into “over 50 burgers,” which got Brian Jones thinking.

“I want to do that commercial,” he said, laughing. “(I would say), I think we need another take.”

Sampaio, whose recent travels have taken her from Massachusetts to Greece, was then asked to do something truly unfortunate: shave board operator Petey B’s head.

“He is going through a rigorous makeover,” Gregg Giannotti explained. “He’s attached to these few hairs left on his head and we’re not sure why. We have tried to get him to shave the head and he just won’t do it. So he set these parameters for us. He said that if you get a supermodel in here and you get her to shave my head, I’ll do it.”

This is where Sara comes in.

“I’ve never done this,” she said.

“It’s okay,” Giannotti said. “You can’t make it any worse than it looks now.”

Sampaio then shaved Petey B’s head – an experience he thoroughly enjoyed. Sara’s main takeaway?

“Very enlightening,” she said. “It’s ready for summer now.”


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