SHAUN KING – 5/11/15
Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst

“Dealing with leather, it’s always going to be a different ball. But they need to figure out how to get the balls to a point where they’re useable right out the box. This will eliminate one quarterback liking it one way and another one liking it another. Just everyone use the same ball.”
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WILL SMITH – 5/12/15
Former Saints defensive end

“The players had nothing to do with it. We were the least-penalized team in the NFL. One guy’s name was mentioned in the report that they initially had, but they winded up suspending four guys because we were quote-unquote the leaders of the team and we should have did something to stop it. That’s where it became a bit foolish.”
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Supermodel Sara Sampaio Shaves Petey B’s Head – 5/14/15

“Very enlightening. It’s ready for summer now.”
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MIKE BROWN – 5/14/15
Former Cavs head coach

“I think when we first got together, he was in his second year maybe or going into his third year, so he was young. He did not obviously have a great feel of the league, and he still had huge upside in a lot of areas even though he was as talented as he was back then. Now you just feel the maturity that he has. Not that he was immature in a bad way back then, but you feel the maturity that he has on the floor, off he floor. You feel the confidence. His basketball abilities just keep getting better and I think they can still get better because he works so hard. He’s a lot different player now – especially after winning two championships – than he was back then.”
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