You have to hear it, to believe it! Today we all found out that Brian Jones was in an issue of Playgirl…Yes, this is true.  How did he end up in the issue? Listen and find out.
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ALAN KALTER – 5/18/15
Voice of the Late Show

“I hope the phone rings every once in a while, but the freedom is great. I’m looking forward to this – playing some golf, taking some time off, doing a little bit of traveling. My wife, Peggy, has been waiting for me to take some time so I don’t have to be someplace on a Monday morning and now I don’t have to. But there’s going to be a lot of stuff in the future. I know it’s going to be good.”
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Actor and comedian

“Anyway, I wanted to thank Dave for setting that precedent for me – and I just did on CBS. And as Warren Zevon, our buddy, said, ‘Enjoy every sandwich.’ And I hope David does. I said that too in the video: ‘Dave, enjoy every sandwich.’ That’s what he asked Warren (before) he passed away. That was his buddy. Mine, too. He said, ‘Enjoy every sandwich when you’re alive.’ That’s a good way to live.”
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RICK BARRY – 5/19/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“I told the guys when I met with them late in the season – we had our 40th anniversary of the championship year – we said, ‘We all believe that if you guys go out and play on both ends of the court the way you’re capable of playing, in a seven-game series there’s not a team in this league that can beat you if they play their best game. That really is the reality of it. The only issue is, you have to go out there and do it.’”
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CLIFF FLOYD – 5/21/15
MLB Network analyst

“It’s going to put you in a predicament where you’re going to swing at everything. And now you’re going 0-4 and everybody’s disappointed.”
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America’s favorite foodie

“I wanted some stuff that would be flavor-forward, but not really heavy on the prep. I don’t think it should be.”
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