Lil B claims he put a curse on James Harden for stealing his celebration dance, the cooking dance, without acknowledging that Lil B created it. If you ask Lil B, he’ll tell you this is why the Houston Rockets didn’t advance to the NBA Finals – because of the curse.

Harden, however, claims he doesn’t know who Lil B is – even though he has tweeted about Lil B in the past.

“Right, well, see that’s the thing,” Lil B said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “When I get confirmation from the Based God to extend the curse – which, it happens – most of he time my intuition is more right than wrong. You see, a lot of times there are people, he might be MVP – or excuse me, he wasn’t. He might be a star-caliber player and making multi millions of dollars, but we all have flaws and he has some things that he has to come to grips with: lying, flopping, and just a couple other things that we need to come to grips with. His sports celebration that he does on the court – which is the Lil B cooking dance – (is mine). But once again, he’s lying and says he doesn’t know who I am. We got to help him out.”

Lil B, if you are not familiar with him, often refers to himself as the Based God.

What is that, you ask?

“I am Lil B the Based God,” Lil B said. “I am the only person that does know the Based God. I definitely strive to be like the Based God, but I am Lil B the Based God. Sometimes you just have to tap into something greater than yourself.”

All righty then.

Lil B has not put a curse on the Cavaliers or the Warriors, but Cleveland came close to getting one. The Cavaliers apparently did Lil B’s cooking dance after winning the East, but they gave credit where credit was due, with Iman Shumpert giving Lil B a nod on social media.

“Yeah, as of right now, I have no confirmation of any curses on any teams or any players,” Lil B said. “Iman Shumpert took a great stand for his team, just a huge part of leadership. He showed his true colors and why he is a star-caliber player and working to get better. He made LeBron James look pretty petty as well as J.R. Smith, but . . . I definitely support the Cavaliers’ organization for the simple fact that Iman Shumpert came forward. He is a representation of the Cavaliers, and he saved them. He saved them.”


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