You ever pay too much for a ticket to a sporting event? Let Gio and Jones make you feel worse.  The guys break down, “The fan who couldn’t stop paying!”
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Each week on Gio and Jones we highlight one of our great affiliates in our “Station Spotlight”….Today the spotlight shines on Columbus Ohio and 95.5 The Game.
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Former Laker and Klay Thompson’s father

“Klay’s usually been a quick healer whenever he’s gotten hurt before, but when you’re dealing with the head, that’s something totally different. So we just had to talk to him and go day-by-day and just trust how he’s feeling. Being able to get back on the court was a very good sign.”
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LIL B – 6/4/15

“Iman Shumpert took a great stand for his team, just a huge part of leadership. He showed his true colors and why he is a star-caliber player and working to get better. He made LeBron James look pretty petty as well as J.R. Smith, but . . . I definitely support the Cavaliers’ organization for the simple fact that Iman Shumpert came forward. He is a representation of the Cavaliers, and he saved them. He saved them.”
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Former Cavs guard and current Grizzlies TV analyst

“If I’m a head coach and one of my star players tells me that I’m ready to go and the training staff tells me he has no minutes restrictions, then I’m going to play him as much as I need to play him. The injury didn’t happen as a result of minutes. He wasn’t just running or collapsed because of exhaustion. He made a move, the body didn’t react the correct way and he got hurt. So I don’t think there’s a blame on minutes at all. Just a freak accident to a very good player.”
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