NBC Sports NHL analyst

“(Bishop’s injury) shouldn’t be the storyline. The storyline should be (that) we’re involved in a fantastic final. It really is a great Stanley Cup Final.”
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STU JACKSON – 6/10/15
NBA TV analyst

“When you have that, you tend to get closer games, and in closer games, I’ve always felt if you have the best athlete or the best player on the floor in a close game, nine out of 10 times, you’re going to win that game. Because that player is going to make a play or score the basketball or make an athletic play that will make the difference between winning and losing – and that’s what he’s doing. It’s amazing, it’s intelligent, it just shows how much of a basketball savant he really is – and it’s great to watch. It really is art.”
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MSG and CBS Sports Network analyst

“I just think the way they played in that fourth quarter, getting Steph Curry going, that could carry over. And for them, it’s going to have to carry over – because right now, the Cavs, matchup-wise, are dominating on the defensive end of the floor. I think David Lee could play a big part (in Game 4).”
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IAN EAGLE – 6/12/15
CBS Sports and YES Network analyst

“He is married to he idea of winning a championship – and that’s what great coaches do. They adjust, they make changes and put their ego aside. Just because you started and played a certain way the whole year, if you’re willing to adjust in the NBA Finals, that means you decided you were at that point of no return.”
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JOE HUGHES – 6/12/15
KNBR Warriors reporter

“This was a little bit of an up-and-down year for David Lee. He never really found his role comfortably in the offense after that and became kind of a secondary figure. But what he’s done for this team the last two games – everybody loves David Lee out here.”
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