Former NBA veteran

“I’ve always said – and I always will say – great offense will always overcome great defense. And Steph Curry, he’s the MVP. He’s figured out how to combat Dellavedova’s aggressive style defensively. That’s not an indictment on Dellavedova. He’s still got to make Curry work. If he doesn’t, then Curry probably scores 50. So no, they have to play him. I just think they got to roll the dice. If they’re going to play Mozgov like they did in Game 4, they got to roll the dice. But guess what, guys? They lost by double figures and he got 28, so what difference does it make? The bottom line is, you got to win the games. You got to try to combat what Golden State is doing. They’re the better team, they’re the deeper team. The Cavs quite obviously are beat up. And so yeah, 28 and 10 is great, but it was a loss, so what good did it do?”
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DWANE CASEY – 6/16/15
Raptors head coach

“He’s done whatever he’s had to do to win. I don’t think he’s doing it from a selfish standpoint. The other night he said he feels like he’s the best player on the planet. Well, guess what? He’s telling the truth – and he backs it up. It’s not bragging if you can back it up. I don’t take that any way but (being) confident and (being) confident in his ability – and he should be. He’s doing what he has to do. I’m sure that everyone in the league recognizes what he’s accomplished here in the Finals.”
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Former Cavs coach and current NBA TV analyst

“I’m wondering if I was watching the same series as the people who voted. But Iguodala had a good one. He helped them win a title, and that’s the most important thing.”
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LARRY RILEY – 6/18/15
Warriors Director of Scouting

“Now, he wasn’t a tier-1 free agent at that time because that was the year LeBron James and Bosh (were free agents). So David was in that second tier. I thought it was extremely important that we were able to sign him because it showed the rest of the NBA that people would be interested in the Bay Area and we were trying to build something. So I thought that held some significance for us. Then he went on to make the All-Star team. His contribution to us has been outstanding. Whether or not he will be traded, I couldn’t address that, but you’re right to ask the question: Is he in a position where that could happen? I suppose so. We respect David. Whatever can be done, that is the right thing we’ll try to do. He’s a player you can work with. Whatever happens, he’s going to say and do the right things.”
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