JAY COFFIN – 6/22/15
GolfChannel.com editor

“Some people have an edge and say things and you’re like, ‘Man, that guy is a little bit of a jerk. He’s kind of teetering on the line.’ He doesn’t. When he says it, he’s a good quote. You believe him. You don’t sit there and think this guy is really full of himself; you think this guy has got his act together. I think he’s super refreshing, I think the world of him and I think the sky’s the limit.”
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RYAN BLAKE – 6/23/15
Senior director of NBA scouting operations

“He can make others better. He makes himself better when he has the ball in his hands. He’s not the most elite athlete, but he’s a heck of a lot better than what you think. And really, what makes an athlete is what’s between the ears, and for him, the game comes so slow. He makes plays like a hockey play. It’s one of the things we track: an assist-plus – a pass to teammates who (get) the assist. He just does that so well and he shoots the ball well, he can score, he’s just very versatile and he has size at 6-5.”
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PETE GILLEN – 6/24/15
CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst 

“He reminds me of a young Dirk Nowitzki. He’s tall and lean. He’s 7-foot, 210 pounds. He’s a tremendous shooter, very, very athletic, (and a) very talented, skilled big guy. But he’s so thin. 210 pounds? The big guys will back him in and knock him into the bleachers and just dunk on him. He’s not ready physically. But offensively, some of the scouts and gurus who study this really carefully think he could be the best player three or four years down the road in the draft.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 6/25/15
Former Nets assistant GM

“It’s really a matter of preference for what you’re looking for. The first four with Porzingis, he’s kind of snuck in and I guess (Emmanuel) Mudiay has been pushed to the back with that 6-to-10 group. But usually when you’re doing the draft and you’re going through this process, it should be (about) best available. But if you’re at 6 to 10, if those guys are neck and neck and you have three centers and you need a small forward and that player is Justise Winslow, who’s a little bit better than a Frank Kaminsky, then that’s kind of the direction teams are going to go.”
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