PGA Tour golfer

“Jordan is the next level. He’s next-level mentally. Jordan is probably more like a Jack Nicklaus-type without the massive length that Jack or Tiger had. But Jordan just doesn’t make many mistakes. He just stays there and plays good every day. He plays not just good; he plays really good every day. That makes it awful tough trying to catch him and beat him. He’s not going to make a whole bunch of mistakes.”
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KYLE PORTER – 7/21/15
CBS golf writer

“You could tell it really meant a lot to him to win at St. Andrews, to win another major, to win a British Open. It wasn’t a fantastic ending, but I think we got a fantastic champion.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 7/22/15
Former Nets assistant GM

“Because if that opportunity doesn’t work then you’re going to be behind the 8-ball to try to get back in. It’s going to take a little while for Brian Shaw to get back into that head coaching circle, so every situation is totally different. Every team makeup is totally different. I think a lot of it will come from your front-office support. If you’ve got a strong general manager, if you’ve got a strong ownership group and stuff like that, that’s kind of half the battle right there.”
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Fox and NFL Network analyst

“So it’s almost a race between the Jets and Buffalo. Who figures out quarterback? Who figures out offense to get really involved in the race to run down I say the second spot in the AFC East. Because I’m still giving New England – I don’t care what the Brady punishment is going to be – (the edge). Until further notice, New England wins the division. But can one of those other three be a second team and fight hard for a Wild Card? The Jets are extremely intriguing to me.”
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PETE PRISCO – 7/23/15 NFL senior columnist

“I don’t think Russell Wilson is the kind of player that will let that affect him whatsoever, but it might affect the team in other ways. People will keep asking the question over and over again – ‘What do the other players think about it?’ – and that kind of thing. So to me, that contract situation in Seattle is very, very interesting.”
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EDDIE GEORGE – 7/24/15
Former Heisman winner and NFL RB

“I’m a firm believer that things don’t happen by coincidence. I think in the end this could be a great thing for everybody – because I think what we’ve come to know is that Cardale Jones is probably the guy they’re going to go with. He certainly has the size, he has the pedigree, he has the big arm, he has the moxie that you want at the quarterback position – and they just buy into whatever Urban is telling them because it’s worked. Since Urban stepped foot on that campus, they’ve lost (three) games in three years. So they’ve definitely bought into what he’s telling them, so they’re on board. In terms of whatever they’re willing to do to win, they’re going to sacrifice, even if it’s costing them their own desires.”
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