PHIL SIMMS – 7/27/15
CBS NFL analyst

“The team and how they’ve constructed their team (with) their defense, their offense is safe. They rely on him making a few explosive plays each game, whether it’s throwing the ball or moving around or whatever. And he’s going to be paid very well. To be paid as one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the NFL, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”
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Have you ever been tricked into eating dog food…and maybe liked it? These people enjoyed man’s best friends treat. Plus, will Gio and Mikey B eat dog food on the show tomorrow?
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JACK FORD – 7/29/15
60 Minutes Sports and CBS News Correspondent

“And this is what you’ve seen (be) successful sometimes – not a lot, but sometimes – in a court room where they say, ‘Okay, we know what the collective bargaining agreement says, but (the manner in which this was conducted and the standard applied by the person deciding the case) was so fundamentally unfair . . . and arbitrary that we didn’t get what we bargained for in the collective bargaining agreement.’ So it’s a different kind of thing. (It) has been successful sometimes, not a lot. But that’s the argument they’re going to have to make here.”
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When Gio mentions his man crush on Patriots Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo it sparks a huge conversation with the entire crew…Who do you have a man crush on? The answer from Petey B steals the show.
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WFAN’s Mike Francesa may not be a fan of some of the CBS Sports Radio Network talent but there is one duo that he likes.
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FRANK SOLICH – 7/30/15
Ohio head football coach

“So we think we have two guys that are very capable of playing excellent ball. They’re going to need to do that, but we got a great group of guys surrounding them from an offensive standpoint. I really like our receivers – a great collection of receivers, really. Our running backs are the best group of running backs we’ve had since I’ve been there.”
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DAN O’DOWD – 7/31/15
Former Rockies GM and current MLB Network analyst

“Well, the three most important things a GM has to do constantly is one, you have to have an awareness of your own organization internally. No. 2, you have to have the ability to see what’s next – not what’s now – and you’ve got to be adaptable. So it’s hard to make a blanket answer to that question because every organization is different, and you’ve really got to have a feel and awareness of what’s going on internally in the organization.”
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