ROSS TUCKER – 8/10/15
NBC Sports NFL guru

“So it seems like their change in philosophy sort of fits their personality this year, and right now, I’d probably flip a coin, but I’d lean toward Pittsburgh as my Super Bowl pick in the AFC because I just have a sneaky suspicion it’s going to be an AFC North team.”
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JOEY LOGANO – 8/11/15
NASCAR driver

“Over the last month-and-a-half, we’ve been racing for a lot of wins and finally broke through this weekend and finally got that win, which feels great. But you got to keep that momentum and that confidence rolling with the race team. We got a few weeks to go before the Chase starts. We got to make sure we’re ready to go when we get to Chicago for the first Chase race. Right now things are going just as planned. So basically it’s don’t screw that up and make sure we bring a little bit more to the table when the Chase starts.”
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TOM VERDUCCI – 8/11/15
Fox, MLB Network, and Sports Illustrated analyst

“I know people have kind of been waiting for them to fall apart, and they had a tough road trip recently – they gave a game away in Oakland the other day – but I think they’re legit. I think they’ll win that division. I think they have the best roster. And I like the pickup for Carlos Gomez, another veteran guy to a younger team. Put him in that lineup, put him in centerfield and we know how good their bullpen has been this year. That’s been the biggest difference. So Houston, to me, if you’re waiting for them to collapse, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I think that team could win the West division.”
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BART SCOTT – 8/12/15
Former Jet and current CBS Sports NFL analyst

“He has to mature or understand what comes with the job, especially in a market like this where everything you do is going to be highlighted. You have to understand. I wish somebody would pull him to the side and tell him you’re going about the business the wrong way. This is how you become a leader.’ You assume that he knows how to be a leader because he was the quarterback at West Virginia, but that doesn’t mean anything. These are grown men. You have to earn their respect. It’s hard to be a leader if you’re not successful on the football field.”
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JIM NANTZ – 8/12/15
CBS Sports lead announcer

“I think just now people are starting to catch up with the story. The kid turned 22 since the last major over at St. Andrews last month. So he’s a sage enow. He’s got a title age behind him. I think Jordan’s going to come in here and, as he is every time he tees it up, he’s right in the mix – and maybe he wins on Sunday.”
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SHAUN KING – 8/13/15
Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst

“Even though quarterbacks have gotten opportunities to be starters, we haven’t been recycled starters. Very few times has an African American quarterback failed as a starter and gotten multiple opportunities to go somewhere else (to) be a starter. So it’ll be interesting to see if Geno ever gets another chance to be the unquestioned starter somewhere else.”
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JEFF REED – 8/13/15
Former NFL kicker

“And that’s what happened here. To me, honestly, this is something you learn from and I learned that I was the bigger person in the situation that occurred Sunday night. But the thing I really get out of it is I have to be careful for the rest of my life in every situation I’m in and every person I’m around. I got rid of a lot of people that I was close to because I felt like they were a negative influence. I battled depression for three years after football. Seeing stories like Junior Seau and others, I can totally relate. I had those thoughts as well. I just knew that was a selfish act, so I didn’t do it.”
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Penn State head coach

“We just wake up every single morning and maximize that day. I like where we’re headed, but talk is great before the season. Let’s see how we open up at Lincoln Financial Field against Temple, and let’s see where we end up at the end of the season. I can sit here and say all I want. It’s about how we’re going to go out and perform and how we’re going to produce and how we’re going to execute as a family and as a team.”
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