Glen Davis stopped by CBS Sports Radio on Monday for a hilarious yet candid interview in which he discussed any and all topics related to the Los Angeles Clippers, including the free-agent drama surrounding DeAndre Jordan this offseason.

“That situation was crazy, man,” Davis said on Gio and Jones. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God, they let him go.’ And then the next thing you know, he’s back. I’ve never seen anything like that in my entire life. How is he leaving? And then they got it done. They kidnapped him, they hostaged him up – I couldn’t believe it.”

Jordan, of course, signed a four-year max deal with the Clippers after agreeing to terms with Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. Did the Clippers just need to show Jordan more attention?

In a word, yes.

“I thought DeAndre needed more attention because he’s a guy who dominates on both sides of the ball,” Davis said. “He doesn’t have no plays run for him, and he gets every rebound. How about we give him some confidence? Throw him a couple bones down there and see if he can get us a bucket. Yeah, he can’t shoot free throws, but hey, he’s getting people in the bonus. He’s making things happen out there. So you got to show him some love because he’s a vital player.”

Davis thought the reported problems between Jordan and Chris Paul were overblown.

“It was like a false reality,” Davis said. “It was like they had problems but they didn’t have problems. We can hang out and have a good time off the court. It’s just sometimes with players, some players rub each other the wrong way. That’s what it was.”

Interestingly enough, Davis, who signed with the Clippers in 2014, said he’s never officially met Donald Sterling. The two once shared a plane and Sterling winked at him. That was it.

Davis has, however, met V. Stiviano – or at least seen her around Staples Center quite a bit.

“She used to walk in the locker room” Davis said. “That was crazy. (She walked around) like she owned the place. Like after a game, DeAndre Jordan (would be standing around) naked and (she would) walk in.”

So wait, Sterling had a problem with her talking to African Americans, but he was okay with her standing around naked African Americans in the locker room?

“I don’t think he knew that,” Davis said. “She was just moving around like she was the boss.”

In other news, Davis, 29, has enjoyed playing for Doc Rivers – both in Boston and Los Angeles – but said that each experience has been different.

“I think he’s changed as a coach,” Davis said. “In Boston, I think when you have players like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen (who are) so experienced, he has to do more coaching with these guys – with Blake and DeAndre and Chris – and walk them through the process of understanding championship basketball. You got to kind of change your tone and the way you talk to these younger guys. So he’s changed for the betterment of the team so he could get everybody on the same page.”

Davis and Brian Jones agreed that today’s superstar athlete is a little different, a little more sensitive, than those of previous generations.

“And then also, they don’t know,” Davis said. “He has to walk them through (tough moments): ‘Hey, big fella, it’s okay. Don’t get mad.’ So he’s changed a little bit, but he’s still Doc. He’s still mean sometimes.”

Davis, who revealed that Kris Humphries gets under his skin on the court, said he hopes to be back with the Clippers this season.

“I would love to go back,” the free agent said. “Doc and his system works for me. He needs a guy to set picks and do the dirty work and stuff like that. I feel at home there. It’s just about getting (a deal) done.”



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