GLEN DAVIS – 8/17/15
NBA free agent

“She used to walk in the locker room” Davis said. “That was crazy. (She walked around) like she owned the place. Like after a game, DeAndre Jordan (would be standing around) naked and (she would) walk in.”
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One young fan is devastated Brian Jones did not sign the autograph he asked for…”Chase In Austin” calls the show to give BJ a piece of his mind.
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FRANK BEAMER – 8/20/15
Virginia Tech head coach

“So I tell them I’m trying to help their NFL future. Get in here and learn how to play special teams and be good at it – and it could be the difference between enjoying a paycheck in the NFL or not. It’s just a fact.”
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JASON LA CANFORA – 8/21/15 NFL insider

“(Pagano) gets the hit for the defense because that’s his forte. That’s what he’s done going all the way back to the University of Miami, and he was so great with Baltimore. (But) I don’t think there are the horses there. They don’t have natural pass rushers. This year they’re going to hope a kid like Bjoern Werner finally comes on. Good luck. They bring in Trent Cole to try to buy a year or two. I don’t know how much is left in the tank. You’re praying and hoping that (Robert) Mathis comes back in the second half of the year and does something. I just don’t see a whole lot there. I like Vontae Davis a lot. We’ll see if Arthur Jones clicks (in his second year) and stabilizes that defensive front. But I don’t think the assets are there, frankly. I think Andrew Luck does cover up a lot of holes there – an awful lot of holes – on both sides of the ball.”
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