BRADY QUINN – 8/24/15
Former NFL QB, current NFL analyst

“I was always a Cris Carter fan, but he brought up three wide receivers. I want to say one of them was Calvin Johnson. But he basically said, ‘How many stats did you have in college? What did you have in college? What did you have?’ He said, ‘Well, this is my career stats. You’d be lucky to have half of what I had. Go sit down.’ And it was like, look man, don’t squash these kids’ dreams. That’s what makes the NFL great is there’s that optimism every year. A new kid comes in. So even back then, the advice he was giving – I wasn’t really a fan of. So maybe they need to look at bringing someone else in to talk.”
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PAUL CHRYST – 8/26/15
Wisconsin head football coach

“It’s a great way to spend your time. You feel really appreciative of those opportunities and then to be able to do it back home, it’s special. It takes time to get adjusted. I know the place. I’ve been here for a number of years. Getting to know our team and to know our players – the more time you spend with them, the more at home you feel with the group. That’s really what’s most important. Just finishing up camp and starting to transition to get ready for Alabama in a week-and-a-half.”
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JERRY RICE – 8/26/15
NFL Hall of Famer

“I’ve never said that. You’re not going to get those words out of my mouth. There have been so many great players that have impacted the NFL. I’m just happy I got the opportunity to play a game that I really love doing.”
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Jets wide receiver

“It’s tough at times and you have to be careful. So my No. 1 thing when I’m on television or on radio is always protecting my team. I’m never going to put my team in a compromising situation. And the No. 2 thing is being real, and the third is understanding my seat. My seat is giving the fans an inside look of an active player – how we think, what we do, what makes us tick, what’s out triggers, how we may even view a situation that we’re talking about on the show. So I live in that space. I’m a voice for the players.”
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There was a huge CBS Football Luncheon yesterday…everybody was there, from Deion Sanders to Phil Simms. While Gio and Jones waited for the big interviews, Mikey B tried his best to interview some of the CBS Sports best football broadcasters.
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BRYAN HARSIN – 8/27/15
Boise State head coach

“I’ve been really proud of him since we’ve been there. He played a little bit last year but has done a great job of just playing his game and developing himself. Behind him, we’re still working out the guys that are going to battle for that second-string position, but Ryan’s done a great job through fall camp. I think where he’s at now, he’s still got a few more days to prepare, but I’m just excited to let him go out there and play.”
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BILL COWHER – 8/27/15
CBS NFL analyst

“They’re not used to using their lower legs and being around piles because we practice kind of more gently now than we have in the past. That’s part of the game, and you go to move on. Pittsburgh lost Pouncey. Jordy Nelson loses in Green Bay. But part of every championship run you have is the ability to overcome adversity and other players having to step up. I think both of these organizations are going to be just fine.”
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NFL Hall of Famer

“My life is not about me. For 14 years, it was all about me – all about my family, making sure my mother ain’t never have to work another day in her life. . . . Now I got 200 kids that I coach that (play) all day on Saturdays from ages 5 to 14. I got a bunch of single mothers that need to see my face and I need to make them smile tonight and let them know they can hold on and make it to anther day because their father that consummated their child ain’t coming back. So my life is in a whole other realm right now. Sports is a wonderful thing. It’s what I did, but it’s not who I am.”
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