“Early on, there seemed to be, but I think they’ve resolved that now. Melo is saying all the right things, so he seems to be a team player and he’s ready to start his season.”
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GREG COSELL – 9/9/15
NFL Films senior producer

“He’s a different player than Winston. He’s a quick-twitch, dynamic athlete. I thought he threw the ball very well, his arm strength was very good, and he’s very compact.”
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AMY TRASK – 9/10/15
TOPS host

“(Ben) Roethlisberger is a tough, tough quarterback to get to and to get down. He finds a way even with people draped all over him to remain standing and throw the ball. That said, I think the loss of Pouncey for a period of time – that’s a big deal.”
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If you missed the Gio and Jones College Football and NFL picks, listen below to get caught up.
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BART SCOTT – 9/11/15
TOPS host, former NFL LB

“The veteran teams will be more dialed in and that’s why they have a greater opportunity to go on the road and win. But when you take a young defense on the road, they have to be glued in. You could tell they had numerous communication issues. How can you lose Rob Gronkowski running up the seams? How can you miss him lining up at receiver? I think they’ll go back and kick themselves in the butt, but they should be proud of how the offensive line performed and protected Ben. When they get the rest of their weapons back, I think they’re going to be the team that we expect them to be in the AFC.”
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DREW BLEDSOE – 9/11/15
Former Pro Bowl QB

“You take a guy with his ability and a franchise with their talent and you give him a little bit extra motivation, it can be kind of scary. That’s kind of what I think is going to happen this year. I think you’re going to see a guy that had every reason to kind of just ride out the string all of a sudden get really motivated by some unfortunate circumstances.”
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