Toledo head coach

“If you look back at the game, we won all those critical statistics. We won in the red zone both offensively and defensively. We won on third down both offensively and defensively, and the biggest thing was we didn’t turn the football over and we were able to block a punt and get a critical interception. Usually when you do those things and you feel there’s a fairly even matchup, you have a chance to win those football games.”
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SEAN CASEY – 9/15/15
MLB Network analyst

“Kansas City is no doubt the frontrunner with that pen and that lineup. But I think Toronto is right there.”
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CBS college football broadcaster

“If you’re going to be Trump, you have to get on the $100 million jet plane and leave afterward. You can’t throw out all this stuff and not back it up. And I love Bret Bielema. I’ve known Bret since he played at Iowa and I watched his growth. I did his game when he was a defensive coordinator at Kansas State when they won that Big 12 championship against Oklahoma, and I know what he did at Wisconsin. But I’m shocked at what’s happening to Arkansas this year.”
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If you missed the Gio and Jones College Football and NFL picks, listen below to get caught up.  After week 1 Brian went 5-1 while Gio slumped behind at 2-3-1.
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TRENT GREEN – 9/18/15
Former Chiefs QB, current CBS Sports NFL analyst

“You have to remember it’s five different offensive linemen than what they anticipated or what they had a year ago. So it’s really still a work in progress. I know they did well in the first half against Houston last week. But then in the second half you look at what he was able to do – they held them to no points – so there is still some growing pains and some adjustments that group is going to have to deal with.”
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