WIP host and former NFL DT

“You have to run your bread-and-butter zone plays, and they haven’t been running those and I just don’t know why. I looked at the last two games, and all the plays seem like they’re pulling out the center or the center and a guard and trying to get on the edge. You have to run zone up the gut first for those plays to work. You’re getting nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is one of the ugliest things I’ve seen in quite some time.”
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Redskins WR

“Football is about football, not about everything else that’s going on off the field. If we win games, if we score touchdowns and play well, everything else will disappear. When you don’t win, everything else is a distraction and everything else is bad. But you just continue to focus on the job, (which is) football.”
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Former Titans linebacker

“Matt Cassel has bounced around this league for awhile since his days backing up Tom Brady. He had a little bit of success there, but the opportunities he had at Kansas City and Minnesota – and now obviously Buffalo just traded him – shows he’s expendable.”
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CBS Sports NFL analyst

“Listen, we played against Brandon Weeden when he was in Cleveland, and man, he threw me an interception – I thought I was playing catch with my kid in the park or in the backyard, man.”
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If you missed the Gio and Jones College Football and NFL picks, listen below to get caught up.  After two weeks Brian is on fire with an incredible record of 11-1.  5-1 with his College Football picks and a perfect 6-0 in the NFL.  Gio is 4-7-1 overall, 1-4-1 with his College Football picks and 3-3 in the NFL.
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NFL on CBS theme song creator

“I’ll see what I can pound out. I’d love to hear my stuff on your show.”
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DANNY WHITE – 9/25/15
Former Cowboys QB and current Compass Media Network Cowboys broadcaster

“There is no position in all of sports that is more dependent on the people around him than a quarterback in the NFL – and he just never had a shot. I agree with Jerry. I think Brandon Weeden has all the talent necessary to take a team to the Super Bowl, win a Super Bowl, if he’s got the right cast of characters around him – and he’s got that. Now it’s too bad Dez is hurt or he could really show what he’s capable of, but he’s got that offensive line. I think he’s going to have a decent running game.”
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