Earlier this week, Bart Scott called Tom Brady a dork, which almost caused Twitter to crash.

Not really, but you get the point.

Scott clarified his comments Friday on CBS Sports Radio.

“When I say he’s a dork, if you watch him pre-Gisele, if you watch him in celebrations, if you watch him dance – come on, man. Is that not a dork?” Scott said on Gio and Jones. “I’m not saying he’s not a good dude. We know a lot of dorks. Mark Sanchez was a dork, man. When you look at Mark, you think he’s the smoothest person with the ladies. Rico Suave, Pretty Ricky. No man, he’s a dork. People would probably be surprised to realize he’s a dork. When I say there’s nothing tough about (Brady), that don’t mean he’s not surgical with throwing the rock around (or) he’s not a competitor. He’s just not somebody that’s tough. Give me the top 10 tough quarterbacks, and Peyton Manning wouldn’t be in there. It would be Ben Roethlisberger, maybe Cam Newton, Philip Rivers. It’s a long list before you get to describing these guys as tough. Competitive? Yes. But some of them are dorks.”

Scott said the toughest player he ever encountered may have been former Ravens linebacker Jarrett Johnson.

“If you look at his baby picture, its like a profile of a future serial killer,” Scott said. “He got some big black eyes. He’s looking into the camera like, man, this kid better do something positive or you better keep this guy in a violent sport because he needs an outlet.”

Speaking of the Ravens, Scott also shared his thoughts on Thursday Night’s game between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, which Baltimore won 23-20 in overtime. The Steelers could have won the game, but kicker Josh Scobee missed a pair of field goals late in the fourth quarter.

Scott said that Scobee, who in four games has missed four field goals and one extra point, needs to be released.

“You only got one job, man,” Scott said. “After the first week when he missed two in New England, you had to let this guy go, but there’s nobody to choose from. That’s why I like the fact that they moved the extra point back because it allows bad kickers to be exposed. See, what happened is before, these kickers can hide and they can steal money. Like we used to say, we got to earn the right to steal for a couple years. What’s going on is you got these guys that cant’t kick, but now you move the kickoff up five yards. How do you separate the (Justin) Tuckers from the Scobees of the world? Because they can hide because they can always kick it in the end zone, and then in tough elements when it gets cold, then you realize (some of these guys) are really bad. Now you’re seeing all these kickers miss extra points. (Moving the ball back) makes that big of a difference. You just look at him and you can see that the team has lost all faith in him.”

The Steelers could have given Scobee a chance to win the game in overtime but elected not to attempt what would have been a 51-yard field goal. The Ravens got a stop on fourth down and then won the game.

“They really should have went for another field goal,” Scott said, “but when somebody shows you that they can’t handle the pressure, (you have to go in another direction).”


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