RAGNAR – 9/29/15
Vikings mascot

“The only thing I’ve heard is what has been written in the paper and what’s being reported. Do I still think there’s hope out there? Definitely.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I hope we caught that. And I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt to Cam – because just the reaction by him in the video that we saw, Hochuli said something. There’s no doubt he said something because it stopped Cam in his tracks. His body language said, ‘What?’ That’s what his body language said to me. It’s amazing that everybody’s point of view that they have – you don’t really get to see the play so you can say, ‘Okay, he deserved the call.’”
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RON DARLING – 9/30/15
MLB on TBS analyst

“They’ve got a great rotation, they’ve got probably the greatest athletes in outfield of all the National League, and their bullpen has been just spot-on magic all season long. They might be the best all-around team, but the way it’s set up, especially for the National League Central, it’s going to be hard for them to get through.”
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Former NFL QB

“Now that he’s on this team, half of the locker room was there last year when they played the Jets and he was able to beat the Steelers last year, but now there’s a new group of guys. Guys are excited. They’re going to rally around him. They’re big Vick fans. The organization brought him in here for a reason. This is the worst possible situation. You never want an injury to occur to to anybody, but right now, this is Michael Vick’s show and they know they’re going to need him for the next month. However and whatever ways they need to get him comfortable, they’re willing to do that.”
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If you missed the Gio and Jones College Football and NFL picks, listen below to get caught up.  After three weeks Brian has an impressive record of 14-4.  Brian is 7-2 with both his College Football and NFL picks. Gio is 6-11-1 overall, 2-6-1 with his College Football picks and 4-5 in the NFL.
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BART SCOTT – 10/2/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“They really should have went for another field goal, but when somebody shows you that they can’t handle the pressure, (you have to go in another direction).”
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