Many sports personalities have strong opinions, but few, if any, communicate those opinions with as much candor – or humor – as Bart Scott.

Scott, who dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones on Friday, was asked a simple, straightforward question courtesy of Gregg Giannotti: Did you see the story with Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher?

Scott offered a simple, straightforward answer.

“Man, did I?” Scott said in disbelief, prompting laughter from both Giannotti and Brian Jones. “Look man, let me tell you something: That brings a whole other question. Listen, you’re around wives (who) mingle. You go out together, sometimes even vacation together. I wouldn’t say your teammates are like brothers, (but) they’re like cousins, man. You can’t cross that line. If you cross that line, it’s the principalities involved, whether I love her anymore or not. (There’s) enough women (out there). What, about 5 million people in New York? There’s five million people and you got to pick mine? You think you going to sit in the bed that I paid for, bro? You drinking out of my cup? Naw, man. It don’t go down like that.”

In a made-for-TV love triangle, Fisher is apparently involved with Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan. According to reports, Barnes received a phone call last Saturday from his 6-year-old son, who informed Barnes that Fisher was in their home. Barnes then reportedly drove to the home and confronted Fisher.

To be fair, Jones pointed out, Barnes is divorced, so what’s the big deal? Does he not expect his ex-wife to ever date again?

“Bro, first of all, you just got divorced,” Scott said of Fisher. “Were you looking at my woman while we were together? Were you (interested in) my wife? Come on, man. You can’t do that. To be together so early – she’s in L.A., you’re in New York. So how long have y’all been talking? Were y’all cheating? Were y’all having an affair? That’s disrespectful. So now the principalities (become) involved. My son calls me talking about, ‘Hey, dad, Derek’s here. Where are you at?’ What you mean Derek’s here? Naw, man. Man, I don’t know. If I’m Matt Barnes, I’m going to have to go date somebody’s mom or somebody close to you.”


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