MIKE CAREY – 10/5/15
Longtime NFL referee

“I believe Ed did not say that. I believe that Cam thought he did.”
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Former Mets manager

“I think there’s going to be one break that will give one of the teams a victory. They’re both very talented, very athletic teams, and with Arrieta and Cole both hooking horns, it’s going to be that little thing that makes the difference – probably a defensive play or a base-running play that turns the tide.”
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Former Dolphins LB and current WQAM radio host

“Joe Philbin had no emotion. He wasn’t your strong alpha-male, take-control-of-the-room type guy – and Dan Campbell is that guy. So like I said, we didn’t hire a great coach; we just hired the total polar opposite of Joe Philbin.”
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KIRK FERENTZ – 10/7/15
Iowa head coach

“You win with defense first and foremost. That’s no secret. That’s one thing we didn’t do well enough last year was stop the run. We had a checklist of things. Red zone defense wasn’t the greatest, but both those things really came up big the other day. I think if you’re going to win football games consistently and have a championship-level team, it’s hard to stand on the sideline when you can’t stop the run game. It’s a really frustrating feeling. Our guys are doing a good job there.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 10/7/15
FOX Sports MLB analyst

“It was an interesting way of going about it. A lot of people didn’t love everything that they did. They’ve had some bumps along the way, but you can’t discredit them now. They’re in the postseason and they’re going to the ALDS. They did a really nice job.”
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STEVE TASKER – 10/8/15
NFL on CBS analyst

“But as it goes, there’s no question (the Bills) had some holding penalties, all kinds of offsides penalties – and really at crucial moments as well where you lose two touchdown plays, which were really great plays by the offense. So there’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic and certainly if the Bills get their roster back and get a guy like LeSean McCoy back in the lineup and Sammy Watkins back in the lineup, things may be different for them. But for now, the roller coaster seems to be on the low side.”
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RANDY CROSS – 10/8/15
CBS Sports college football analyst

“I know one thing: if Tennessee is down at the end of the fourth or towards the end of the fourth quarter by a touchdown or so, I like their chances. If they’re up by 10 or 14, look out. But I could see Tennessee winning that game, to be honest with you.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/9/15
CBS Sports NFL analyst

“Were you looking at my woman while we were together? Were you (interested in) my wife? Come on, man. You can’t do that. To be together so early – she’s in L.A., you’re in New York. So how long have y’all been talking? Were y’all cheating? Were y’all having an affair? That’s disrespectful. So now the principalities (become) involved. My son calls me talking about, ‘Hey, dad, Derek’s here. Where are you at?’ What you mean Derek’s here? Naw, man. Man, I don’t know. If I’m Matt Barnes, I’m going to have to go date somebody’s mom or somebody close to you.”
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