DAVE LAPHAM – 10/12/15
Bengals radio color analyst

“He’s like a chihuahua biting at your ankles. He’ll stay on you. (Jackson will) line him up, he’ll detach him, he’ll put him in the slot, he’ll put him as the widest receiver, he’ll motion him from outside into the slot and get match-ups. He’s beaten safeties, he’s beaten linebackers, he’s beaten cornerbacks – he’s beaten everybody. So he’s one of those Swiss-army-knife tight ends that you can line up anywhere and get anything out of him. He’s a mismatch nightmare. He’s too fast for the backers and too big for the DBs.”
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TONY GONZALEZ – 10/13/15
The NFL Today analyst

“He’s one of the most exciting players to ever play in the league – a very good quarterback. I’m happy for him. I’m happy that he was able to go out there, especially after last week the way he lost. He said it was the worst loss of his career. So for him to go out there and get some redemption and have a good drive like that when he wasn’t playing that well, I’m happy for him. You always got to look back and see what they’ve done because it’s always about a body of work, as far as I’m concerned. You just look at what he’s been doing over his last 14, 15 starts and it’s not that impressive. But he came up big for his team last night.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“(There are) some things they have to figure out, especially along the offensive line. They’re not 100 percent sold on the center position. There could be a change coming there. Obviously there’s still growing pains figuring out where exactly or how much they need to feed Jimmy Graham and how much that he’s a luxury item.”
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COREY CHAVOUS – 10/14/15
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“It wasn’t like you hand’t gone through those waters before. So I think (Haden) could have handled the situation differently in August.”
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JIM DUQUETTE – 10/15/15
MLB Network radio host

“I feel like their offense is better. I feel like their pitching stacks up pretty close. But in the end, I could see this being a 3-2 game and you’re coming down to the bullpens late. I’m going to still pick the Mets because I’ve watched them all year, but I think this is one of those tight games that’s too tough to call.”
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If you missed the Gio and Jones College Football and NFL picks, listen below to get caught up.
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BRUCE FELDMAN – 10/16/15
FOX Sports college football analyst

“That is a long time to be at that program because of some of the challenges and restrictions you have to deal with. It can wear on a guy. I think if they talk to Brian Kelly or reached out to him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he listened. I think he could be a really interesting fit.”
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DARIN ERSTAD – 10/16/15
Former World Series champion

“That’s how you police it. It’s been done in a civil way for many, many, many years. That side is starting to get a little bit touchy, but I have absolutely zero problem with people showing emotion on the field.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/16/15
TOPS host and former NFL LB

“In most of these match-ups, if the teams are evenly matched, you’re going to see the home team winning because they have to do less travel, which is tough on the body. They get an extra day to really hone in and it’s just difficult. But I understand why they did it. Now that I’m on the other side, I especially understand that it’s all about trying to create more money in the pocket.”
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