The New York Jets are known for their trash-talking – or at least they were under Rex Ryan. The New England Patriots, however, are not known for they’re trash-talking – not because they don’t do it, Bart Scott said, but because people seem to want to pretend they don’t do it.

To be fair, Scott, who played for the Jets from 2009 to 2012, doesn’t think trash talking actually has an effect on the game. As he explained, a little brother can trash-talk his older brother, but can the little brother beat the big brother up? Usually not.

“It didn’t matter, so who cares if you’re trash-talking?” That Other Pregame Show host asked on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “If you’re going to lose, you’re going to lose. Trash talk doesn’t add anything. It might add some added incentive, but if you’re going to lose, you’re going to lose. You’re not going to automatically become a better person because you’re mad. Everybody always wants to talk the Jets. What about the butt-fumble and the picture that got up that got put down? I’m tired of everybody always trying to act like the Jets are the only team that talks trash and the Patriots are just so humble and they go about things so righteous. Like, come on, man. Y’all kill me with that crap.”

But isn’t there a difference between, say, a player on a team guaranteeing a win and a guy who is not on a team tweeting an insulting picture?

Maybe, maybe not.

“Tweeting out a picture, talking about the Toegate with Rex and those comments – come on, man, don’t act like they don’t talk trash, Scott said. “It’s part of the game. What I’m saying is, if you talk trash, talk trash. There comes a point where you’re going to have to get on the football field and the trash talking is irrelevant. What I’m saying is, it’s perception versus reality. Everybody in the NFL talks trash. The Patriots get off the hook like they’re so above that type of stuff. You forget in today’s game you can’t just put something up there on social media and then take it off. Somebody’s going to take a snapshot of it and it’s like, ‘Oh, they get a pass.’”

In any event, the Jets (4-1) and Patriots (5-0) square off this Sunday at Gillette Stadium with first place in the AFC East on the line. How can the Jets beat the Patriots, you ask?

According to Scott, they just have to show up and execute.

“To me, the Jets are the more talented team,” he said. “They just have to go out there and be the more talented team. They don’t have the most talented quarterback, but you go man-for-man, they’re the more talented team. This is different than Buffalo mouthing off at the end of the season because they had a bunch of young guys who never had any success in the league. That’s a veteran group over there (with the Jets). You’re not going to overwhelm D’Brickashaw Ferguson. You’re not going to overwhelm (Nick) Mangold. You’re not going to overwhelm (Willie) Colon. You’re not going to overwhelm (Brandon) Marshall. The moment’s not going to be too big for those guys. I’m not concerned with them showing up. They just have to play a clean game and understand whatever they get at the beginning of the game is what they’re going to get for the game. I’d much rather see Revis take on (Rob) Gronkowski like he did Jimmy Graham. That’s a matchup I’d pay to see. But if not, you can take pieces away. (Julian) Edelman can be taken away by Buster Skrine, and I think that Revis could take away Gronkowski (and they can make Dion Lewis beat them running the ball).”


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