DENNIS DODD – 10/20/15 college football insider

“I think there’s many layers to this. You can make a case for a team like Utah being No. 1 because they’ve beaten three teams that were either ranked at kickoff or ranked now – and no one else has done that in the country. I think you can make the case for them. I think you can make the case for Baylor with all the yards they’re putting up and they have a serviceable defense. Ohio State is almost playing against its own standard, against its own numbers, its legacy. So I can see other points of view, let’s put it that way.”
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SCOTT ZOLAK – 10/20/15
98.5 The Sports Hub Patriots analyst

“But then there was a flag down and (I thought maybe one of the Patriots was offsides). Then you hear (NFL official) Tony Corrente say the entire right side of the Colts’ line was not up on the line of scrimmage. (Pat) McAfee, the punter, said we’ve been practicing this play for a year. So they’ve been coaching this play up for a year and they still couldn’t line up correctly. What gets lost is the poor coaching part of it. I thought the Colts had a pretty good (game) plan. You go for it on 4th-and-1 (early on). Jason Garrett, he would have kicked a field goal. So they go up 7-0, put some pressure on New England and try to get in a little bit of a track meet with them. (They) tried the onside kick (and) almost got that. But this play was an absolute disaster. It changed the whole complexion of the game.”
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JIMBO FISHER – 10/21/15
Florida State head coach

“On offense, they still move the ball. Lats week, even though they lost, they had 330 yards rushing at halftime. They still (control the) ball, they limit your possessions. It puts pressure on (your) defense, (but) it puts pressure on offense too because you don’t always get the ball back. So they’re still very dynamic on offense. The quarterback really makes them go. (Justin) Thomas, he’s a heck of a player. Paul (Johnson), I have a tremendous amount of respect for Paul. I consider Paul a friend. And defensively, they’re opportunistic creating plays. They could be sitting here 5-2. It’s just college football. You got to get ready to play every week.”
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LUIS GUZMAN – 10/21/15

“I, just like you, was very disappointed, sometimes unfortunately with these things it becomes about numbers and stuff. It doesn’t become about the quality. I thought it was a great show. I can’t tell you – to this day, people are asking, ‘Hey, are they going to do another season?’ We’re talking four years ago now that they canceled this show. So I know it had its impact on a lot of people’s psyche and it inspired a tremendous amount of people. But they made the decision and I believe, to this day, it was the wrong decision.”
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Former Mets GM and current MLB analyst

“He’s a combination of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and you-name-it. He’s that guy right now. It’s amazing how locked in he is and how confident he is. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”
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IAN EAGLE – 10/22/15
CBS NFL play-by-play announcer

“Little fanfare, go under the radar, don’t create a lot of drama. And as we know, that’s something that the Jets had done in previous years under Rex Ryan. There was a whole lot of talk. Sometimes they backed it up, and sometimes they had to eat crow.”
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ADAM ZUCKER – 10/23/15
CBS College Football Today host

“He let it play out longer than most coaches would – longer than most teams could let it play out – because they did keep winning. I think (back to) the Northern Illinois win where Darron Lee gets that pick-six to really win the game and get their breath back and all the Buckeyes fans. But neither of them were playing outstanding football. J.T. Barrett definitely had an edge this past week and maybe just a slight one the week before in his relief duty that would occur on every drive. I don’t think Urban really had a clear cut decision until then.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/23/15
TOPS host

“It’s part of the game. What I’m saying is, if you talk trash, talk trash. There comes a point where you’re going to have to get on the football field and the trash talking is irrelevant. What I’m saying is, it’s perception versus reality. Everybody in the NFL talks trash. The Patriots get off the hook like they’re so above that type of stuff. You forget in today’s game you can’t just put something up there on social media and then take it off. Somebody’s going to take a snapshot of it and it’s like, ‘Oh, they get a pass.’”
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