A storm is brewing in Dallas, and it has absolutely nothing to do with precipitation. Rather, it has everything to do with Greg Hardy, a 6-5, 280-pound, 27-year-old menace who has turned the Cowboys into a soap opera.

The Cowboys, however, have kept the cameras rolling.

“I think they’re enabling him,” CBS NFL Today host Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Something big is going to happen because you have to reprimand him. You can’t allow him to run free. He hasn’t been chastised or disciplined for anything he’s done, so what’s going to stop the behavior? First of all, there’s only one guy on that team that really has enough clout to even check him, and that’s Jason Witten. He’s the only one with the marbles to step up and say, ‘Look, we don’t do it that way.’ He feels like he can act like that on the sideline and he’s only been there for two games. If you give him a long-term contract and give him job security, can you imagine what he’s going to do then?”

Hardy has 3.0 sacks and a forced fumble in two games for Dallas. That’s phenomenal production, but it comes with a price tag – and Scott doesn’t know if the Cowboys, or any team, can afford it.

Which is why taking action is important. If Scott were Hardy’s teammate, Scott would have no problem pulling the problem child aside and putting him in time-out.

“We would have pulled him up to the side a long time ago and said, ‘Hey, listen, I don’t know where you came from or how it went down in Carolina, but we don’t go about business like that,’” Scott explained. “‘We don’t care what you think you can do. We’re better without you. We don’t want to fight with you. We can’t win with you – no matter what you’re doing. Guys aren’t going to be willing to sacrifice themselves when they think you’re an ass.’

“So (the Cowboys) have to figure it all out,” Scott continued. “They have to understand and (decide whether) he’s a one-year, one-contract guy. I think if you give him a long-term contract, (it would be a mistake). I mean, he didn’t show up to practice, bro. Bro, you had four weeks off, and you didn’t show up to practice? You should want to be at practice. You had a vacation.”

The only question is, who’s going to set Hardy straight? Jerry Jones doesn’t seem to want to do that. Neither does Jason Garrett.

“Somebody got to pull him aside,” Scott said. “You saw it last year with Jason Witten getting into it with Dez Bryant on the sideline. You can’t allow a guy like that to be the alpha male. It reminds me of when (Richie) Incognito was the alpha male in Miami. Who has the clout to step up to him and say, ‘Yo, you got to chill out’? (Hardy) smacked the clipboard out of the coach’s hand. Are you kidding me?”


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